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NCACC Youth Summit

No description

Abby Haywood

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of NCACC Youth Summit

"Board of Commissioners." Dare County Government. Web. 2 Aug. 2014. <http://www.darenc.com/boc/deptmain.asp>.
Warren Judge- Chairman
Allen Burrus- Vice Chairman
Virginia Tillett- Commissioner
Max Dutton- Commissioner
Jack Shea- Commissioner
Robert Woodard- Commissioner
Wally Overman- Commissioner
Dare County Board of Commissioners
"How will these decisions impact our children and families?"
"A long term concern I have involving our county is coming up with a plan to keep our bridges, waterways, and roads open and safe for citizens. Those issues will always be a concern because of the weather and its effect on our coastline in North Carolina. The Board of Commissioners works to make sure the state and federal government offers enough resources to keep our bridges, ferries, roads, and channels open and travellable. The Board is constantly working on those unending issues due to the erosion of our barrier islands."

NCACC Youth Summit
Board of Commissioners Meeting
By Abby Haywood
Dare County

Dare County Commissioner
Virginia Tillett
Virginia Tillett has had 12 years of experience on the Board of Commissioners, and twenty years of experience on the Dare County school board.

Tillett oversees District 1-Roanoke Island and Dare County Mainland.
County Commissioner
Interview with Commissioner Virginia Tillett
Question of affirming all actions for Dare County Board of Commissioners:
The Board of Commissioners center their actions and decisions around they they adopted for the benefit of the public.
Dare County Administration Building
July 21st

Topics on Agenda:
Present county service pins to dedicated workers of Dare County
Present Employee of the Month- July 2014
Public Comments
Re-entry on Hatteras Island after Hurricane Arthur
Rising sea levels
Announce Roanoke Island Cultural Pow Wow
Discuss Local Food Council being introduced to Dare County
Local Food Council discusses the food issues and organize the food system in order to improve the Dare County food system
The council works to facilitate the production, marketing, and consumption of the local food in Dare County
Discuss the introduction of new activities into Dare County in order to increase the county's rating
Discuss the introduction of the substance abuse community action
Consent Agenda
Board Appointments
How long have you served on the Board? Will you run for re-election when your current term expires?

"This coming December will be 12 years I've been on the Board. Yes, I have in fact offered re-election for the election this coming November."

What are your local priorities, or what county issues hold the most importance to you?

"The education of our children has always been a priority of mine, since having served 20 years on the Board of Education prior to my role on the Board of Commissioners. I feel we have a very strong system in Dare County, but I would like to see teacher pay increase, more teacher assistances in classrooms, and more school supplies offered to the schools. Another priority that holds importance to me is the care our senior citizens are offered. Offering facilities and care givers to the senior citizens is very important to me because those are the citizens that have helped us be where we are today."
Are there any long-term concerns you have for our county? What role does the Board of Commissioners play in addressing those roles?
What are the biggest issues that citizens ask you about?

"One issue is the lowering of property tax for lower income families and for the senior citizens of the county. There is no one solution to the issue because that is how we operate the county. We do, however, try to assist citizens by making it easier for them to pay taxes."

What is the hardest decision you've faced as a county commissioner?
"One of the hardest decisions I've faced is implementing the water system into Roanoke Island. Even though I knew the county would benefit from the water system being installed it was very hard because it was rather expensive for the citizens in the community. The water system has been worth the cost as of now, but my concern was the price it would cost individual citizens. The Board worked out a payment plan which helped the citizens pay for the system in a less demanding way."
What are other concerns that the Board of Commissioners has for Dare County?

"A common concern I have for the county is being able to pay our citizens higher salaries, despite the benefits that are offered in the county. It bothers me that we have had to go for several years without giving our employees a raise. Allowing citizens to know that the lack of raise has allowed the county to accumulate money for the families, schools, and children, which is what our Board of Commissioners works for."

Dare County Administration Building
Dare County Manager:
Bobby Outten
Dare County Commissioners
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