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15 ways to sabootage a job Interview

No description

Chancellor Merchant

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of 15 ways to sabootage a job Interview

15 ways to Sabootage a job Interview 1) Showing Up Late! Make sure you are at least 15 minutes early to your interview. Interviewer: Sorry guys! Im not late just on hawaiian time I see you are a lil behind time there! Interviewee: 2)Dressing inappropriate to a interview Always make sure you dress in the dress code pertaining to the job title. Inappropriate 3)Bringing up salary too soon never ask about pay unless interviewer brings it up first. Basiclly act like a slave. 4)not using common etiquette always come to the interview with a professional approach and a smile. Don't be a BUM! 5)Not paying attention Always stay focus even when the interview is really boring Appropriate 6) Not researching the company Show motivation, show the employer that you are interested and facinated by there company. 7) Stopping your job search while you wait for a response. dont loose focus. stay hungry and keep looking. Never get big headed! 9) being over aggressive in follow up Do not harrass the company you had a interview with. 8) Bad mouthing a former boss Even if your former boss was a A**h*** always keep it civil and mature. Employer: So hows your current/ last boss like? Interviewee: OMG! my boss was such a A** 10) Not asking questions Not asking questions at all tells the employer that you were a waste a time. 11) Not learning from you mistakes if a interview didnt turn out great, think of thing that you can improve on. so the next interview you will be comfident
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