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Sherwin Williams Business Plan

No description

hillary king

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Sherwin Williams Business Plan

Sherwin Williams Business Plan
Store 5322: Hillary King
Action Plan
Take Aim 2014
D.I.Y and Preferred Customer
Be the best store manager I can be at store 5322 while helping our district climb to the top of our division
Thank you for your time!
Competitive Analysis
True Value
Financial Plan
16.9% Sales increase in January from YTD LY compared to YTD TY
Account Growth
Opportunity Accounts
Epps Building Company
Owens painting Company
Historic Paint and Restoration
30 Days
Meetings with customers
Meetings with staff
60 Days
Increase sales, gallons, margins, and positive medallia surveys
Implement referral system
Organize and create a system for inventory
90 Days
Customer Appreciation
Lasting impression
Internet research and prospecting sites
Lead Generation as an Assistant manager
Monthly store meetings
Residential Repaint
Industrial/chemical coatings
Home Depot
Sales -.5% decrease on June's P & L contributed to rainy season
Increase in D.I.Y. Sales & coupons have caused us to have lower margins, increase of DX list caused lower margins also.
Cut cost by keeping hub allocations down
Utilizing DX properly
Key Accounts
Painting Solutions
Hedrick's Painting
Jay Vending Company
Communications Major Business Minor
Operational excellence is the result of a great overall functioning of a team
Customer Service
Consistently improving with employee expert program
Membership Department Administrator
Improving the DIY experience
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