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Follow Me

No description

Amber Sky

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Follow Me

Follow Me
Follow Me
By Ricky Dillon
There are things like #screamforricky where you have to scream as loud as you can. Stupid stuff that no ones going to do...except Jessica she would. So don't let her read this book not like she would read it but don't give it to her.
Personal connection: I watch him on YouTube almost everyday
Things he's said
1. "Broken hearts and Styrofoam and empty double cups
I guess I'm ordinary 'cause I don't give a what" This is rickys favorite lyric to his first song
In this book he talks about family and friends too. One story he tells is about him, Kian, and Jc's crazy land lord. He also talks about how he goes skiing every year with his family.
In the book there are chapter things like "happy" or "Bummed out" . Then in the chapters there's mini chapters. Like "Heath" and "Music". He doesn't really talk about music though.
Follow me is about Ricky's life. He talks about fitness most of the time which I thought was boring but it won't be boring for all you sports people. You would think it's a more girly book by the cover.... it's not btw.
Theme: Take care of your self
Page #: 274

P.O.V: well he talks about his self so
Mood: The mood is happy he really only talks about happy stuff
3. "I've had 1 girlfriend and 1 boyfriend...they didn't work out, but I'm coming out as asexual oops." Ricky isn't attracted to anyone he can think people are pretty or something though
2. "My job is to laugh at myself...It's the best job in the world" He talked about how lucky he was to have his job and this is one of the things he said about it
(This is Oliver the first video about him was the video Ricky announced he had a book)
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