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Breast Cancer

No description

Emily Hernandez

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Breast Cancer

What is cancer?
Types of Breast Cancers
Risk Factors
A risk factor is something that affects the possibiltity of you getting a disease. For breast cancer some of the most common risk factors are:

Gender-women are more likely to get breast cancer than men do, but don't be fooled, both genders can be a victim.
Aging- around the age of 68 male develop breast cancer, but around 32-38 years old women get breast cancer
Family history of breast cancer- people with a family history of breast cancer have a higher chance of obtaining breast cancer than others.
Race and ethnicity- people of the white ethnicity. have a higher chance of getting breast cancer.
Breastfeeding- you are more prone to getting breast cancer if you breast feed
Drinking alcoholic beverages- drinking anything with alcohol can lead to getting breats cancer.
Breast Cancer
Methods of Treatment
Cancer is the out of control growth of abnormal cells, and there are over 100 types of cancer
Usually, old or damaged cells die off, but cancer cells reproduce abnormally. As they multiply, they create a mass of tissues called tumors.
Most cancers form solid tumors, but cancers such as leukemia, do not.
Cancer are also malignant, which means that they spread to other tissues. Cancer cells can also get into the blood system, which can spread to other organs of the body.

The main types of treatments are:
Surgery- An operation removing the cancer
Radiotherapy- Using radiation waves to shrink the cancer tumor
Chemotherapy- Using chemicals to treat cancer
Biological treatments- Using the body's immune system to fight off the cancer cells
Some other methods of treatment are:
Mastectomy- The surgical removal of one or both breasts.
Some symptoms of breast cancer are:
the swelling of all or part of the breast
skin irritation or dimpling of the breast
breast pain
nipple pain or the nipple turning inward
a nipple discharge of a clear liquid or blood
a lump in the underarm area
Lobular-the cancer didn't spread from out the nipples
Ductal-starts inside the milk ducts,it can increase breast cancer
Lobular-the cancer broke out of nipples
Ductual-80 % of all breast cancers it id the most common
Rare Types
**Most breast cancers are invasive
Relation to Our Learning Goal
Lifestyle Prevention Tips
Try to keep a healthy diet
Exercise and keep good physical health
Test for genetic mutations if you have a family history of breast cancer.
Test frequently to catch it before the cancer becomes worse.
Do not practice smoking
Try to avoid drinking alcohol
This project tought me allot about breast cancer I use to think every cancer was the same but in different places it also tought me how there are many types of breast cancer -Wisdom D.
The learning goal for this lesson was: Students will be able to identify parts of a cell and evaluate how its structure relates to its function.

This relates to our topic because cancer is made up of cells, and we had to learn how cancer can evolve in the body, which it then create tissues that are called tumors
This presentation was created by:

Emily Hernandez
Wisdom Dixon
Malasia Milton
Priscilla Santos
This project made me feel more knowledgeable about breast cancer. This project also makes we want to start some sort of movement. I learned about the symptoms of breast cancer and what are some healthy lifestyle tips to prevent breast cancer. -Emily H.
This project made me realize how important it is to take care or your body, preventing it from breast cancer, by preforming everyday tasks. - Malasia M.
This project has taught me many things on breast cancer, what it is, how it forms, what types there are and many more. This presentation also taught me on how to further prevent cancer. This project made me feel that we should tell others to be aware of breast cancer so we can further prevent it. -Priscilla S.

Personal Experience
What we put on our bodies can effect our lives immensely. Therefore, you should be careful of what is being applied. It can be anything from the toothpaste you brush your teeth with to the lotion you rub on your arms and your legs. Not to forget the deodorant you put under your arms. A family member of mine encountered an experience where they used Dove deodorant and they began getting lumps under their arms. They went to the doctor immediately and were told the problem was the deodorant the were using. The doctor recommended a new deodorant that DID NOT have antiperspirant in it. It immediately started to help the lumps, until hey disappeared completely. This is an important factor because antiperspirant contains things that are bad for your body. Do the right things for your body, before it is too late. Go to your doctor and see what the best choices are that can help your body. ~ Malasia Milton R.E.
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