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The Million Dollar Hippo Fundraiser

No description

Ali Kremchek

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of The Million Dollar Hippo Fundraiser

What Now?
This is the part where our community comes in- the Million Dollar Hippo Fundraiser is a fundraiser to bring revenue (1 million dollars) to the Cincinnati Zoo to make this final phase of Africa Complete
Setting records for the Africa Exhibits, the Hippo will be the cherry on top, and be the grand finale for a complete rendition of all aspects of Africa.

What is it?
The Cincinnati Zoo is gearing up for their Africa 4 and Africa 5 phases.
After the Grassy Plains have arrived, the final addition will
end with bringing a Hippopotamus to the Zoo!
Coming Soon... African Wild Dogs
Coming Soon... Nile Crocodile
Help Us
Our Africa
Africa- Tessa, Kimba, Lulu, Jambo & Cici
African Cheetahs:
The Million Dollar Hippo Fundraiser
1. Creating Buzz
Rolling Funds...
School Involvement:
Schools can get involved in the
money making process by:

Selling "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" Bracelets
Running in the Hippo Charge 5k
Doing a school fundraiser for the Zoo

*the winning school will win a Zoo day at their school
with animal encounters*

Zoo Hippo Day- Tickets and revenue
for that day will all be donated for the Hippo Fundraiser

Also on Hippo Day 250 tickets will have a sticker attached that can be redeemed for a free entry in the City-Wide Scavenger Hunt

Q102 and B105- call in contests- and trivia contests to win a free entry in the City- Wide Scavenger Hunt
Hippo Trivia Night

Anywhere from 1-3 nights throughout the fundraiser, this trivia night will be dedicated to the knowledge of all Cincinnati Facts

Some Zoo, Some Random, All Cincinnati

LaRosa's Dinner Sponsor? Skyline Dinner Sponsor? Graeter's Dessert Sponsor?

Tables from 5-7 can play Pre- Register for $250 per table or $45 a person for dinner, drinks, trivia and prizes

A Mr. Cincinnati Host?
A reds player?
Jim Day?

School Invovlement
Hey students!
How would you like to have upclose wild animal encounters?

Hey students!
How would you like to have upclose wild animal encounters INSTEAD of English class?
The Cincinnati Zoo is finising up their Africa Puzzle but we are missing one piece!

Find out how your school can help raise money to bring our Million Dollar Hippo to the zoo!
The school that raises the most will win a zoo day at their school!!
visit Cincinnatizoo.org to find out how your school can get involved.
It's Time to get WILD with the Zoo!
That's right! It's time to show your true love for the wild by getting a little wild yourself!

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden are looking for Cincinnati's BEST dance video!
Who can submit? We are looking for submissions from any and everyone-

Can't dance? Get creative! We are looking for appropriate dance videos to bring the Million Dollar Hippo to the Cincinnati Zoo.
What to do:
1.Find an AFRICAN THEMED SONG to shake your grove thang to
2. Record your dance moves (this must be family friendly)
3. Submit your video to the Cincinnati Zoo (insert who can look these over)

What to do after your video submission:

Top videos will be featured on the Zoo's facebook page.

Get your friends and family to watch your video- each week the video with the most views will win a Zoo prize.

Finally- February 15th is National Hippo Day
and draws the end of the Dance Contest.
The video with the TOP views will win

An Elephant Extravaganza
A Family 4 Pack of Zoo Memberships
2 Tickets to the first Wild About Wine (for Adults only) in 2014
A Free Entry in the Hippo Naming Drawing
Sunset on the Savannah- a personal breakfast for your famiily from 8am-9am that can be redeemed on any day with proper notice

YouTube Contest
The Cincinnati Zoo is beaming about our new additionons to the Africa Project.

Something is missing, it's like the Hippo in the room and we just can't put our hands on it.

Help us begin our journey by letting loose! Dance to win incredible prizes and help the Zoo locate the missing piece of our Africa Puzzle!

Don't think- just do!
The winners are based on total views (those who enter early in the game have an advantage).

Here's the catch- the song MUST be an African themed song of your choosing.

Inapropriate songs or dancing videos will not be posted on the Zoo's YouTube page.

Happy Shaking!
The Hippo Haul
The Hippo Charge
The Hippo Dash

The 5K run/ walk through the zoo will include:

A Zoo Hippo Shirt
I Want a Hippopotamus Bracelet

In 2011, the Cheetah run had over 1,200 participants:
With a non-member entry of $35 for pre-registration

In 2012, almost 1100 participants took part in the 5K challenge

That is about 40,000- 42,000 of revenue each year!

Hippopotamus literally means "River Horse"
or "Water Horse" in Greek.
Hippos closest living relative are pigs, whales, and dolphins!
Hippos spend most of their days in water- mudholes,
lakes, or in the moving waters of a river
The Goal

To raise $1,000,000.00
One Million Dollars
By February 15, 2014
National Hippo Day

But how...
I want a Hippopotamus Bracelet
Each band can be purchased for $2
or 3 for $5

A band will be given away with each Hippo 5K pre-registration

A company needs to sponsor this- ensuring their logo is put on the side
Maybe Bob Ronker's since they will be given away for the race
How to Easily Identify the Fundrasier
Coming Soon... Africa's Grassy Plains
The Million Dollar Breakdown

2. Events
3. Scavenger Hunt
1. YouTube Dance Contest
2. School Involvement
3. Painted Hippos Throughout Cincinnati
4. "Livestrong" Bracelets
5. City Markings
How to get the word out:

In November the Cincinnati Zoo YouTube Page will hold a dancing
Each participant must make a YouTube Account
(YouTube.com > Top Right > Sign In > I don't have an account > sign up)
Each participant must choose an appropriate African themed song
to dance to.
A sponsor (like the Framester sponsor) will appear in the bottom
corner of each submitted (family friendly) video.
Each video will be posted on the YouTube page, and the weekly
winners (total number of views) will be featured on the Zoo's Facebook

Weekly winners will win: Zoo passes ect.
The overall winner- at the end of the fundraiser-
will win an Elephant Extravaganza

YouTube Contest
YouTube Contest

1. Creating Buzz
Creating Buzz Breakdown
1. YouTube Contest
2. School Involvement
3. Painted Hippos
4. "Livestrong" Bracelets
5. City Art
School Involvement
When to start: Mid August
What: A contest between schools to raise money for the Hippo Fundraiser
When: The contest starts September 1, 2013 and ends Halloween, October 31, 2013

Each school will raise money for the Zoo for the Hippo Fundraiser

Examples: Selling "I want a Hippopotamus Bracelets"
Bake Sales
Car Wash
Penny Wars

The winning school will win a Zoo Day at their school with up close animal encounters!
Painted Hippo
A new twist to the Flying Pigs
Pairing up with local artists to make Hippo!
Have Mai Thai paint a Hippo canvas to create buzz
Then have Hippo Auctuioned off on National Hippo Day
City Art
The Million Dollar Breakdown

1. Creating Buzz

3. Scavenger Hunt
Hippo Charge: 5K through the zoo.

2. Events
Hippo Zoo Day:
All proceeds are donated to the Hippo Fundraiser
Each guest on that day will recieve a free Hippo Bracelet
250 tickets will have the first clue for the Zoo Scavenger Hunt
Zoo Trivia:
1-3 nights of All Cincinnati Trivia in Peacock Pavilion
Sponsored by: LaRosa's, Graeters, Skyline
Hosted by Jim Day? Mr. Cincinnati
$250 for a table of 8
or $35 per ticket
The Million Dollar Breakdown

1. Creating Buzz
2. Events
3. Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt
A city- wide scavenger hunt (3 day weekend end of February or March)
How to enter: Win chances on B105 or Q102
Be one of the first 250 guests on Hippo Zoo Day
or $20 entry fee (buy online or at Kroger)

Features: 20- 30 local restaurants
EX: LaRoasa's, Keystone, Taste of Belgium
each restaurant will have laminated paper in the shape of a puzzle piece with a hole punch

collect each puzzle piece with next clue on a keychain
must have all pieces to win

Presented By:
Help us complete
our Africa Puzzle
To raise
$1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) to help
bring a Hippopotamus to
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
to complete the 5th phase of the Africa Exhibit
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