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Elite Care

No description

Steven Dampier

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Elite Care

te C

rtnership Work
At Elite Care we work in partneship with different services to enable to us provide the best care for our users.

x NutriCare work with us by supplying three meals a day for our service users, along with snacks. We believe they provide quality food, full of nutrition and vitamins giving our clients the energy to see through the days happily. We hear good feedback from clients and clients' families about the food provided. Good Food to us makes a Happy Client.
ng in P
rtnership w
dults us
ng serv
ces, fam
lies & inform
l c
Working together with families & informal carers means everyone is aware of any new information, and is kept up to date the the progress of the client. We as an organisation can work to make life more comfortable for our clients, and can take note of prefrences which could help us deliver a better service of care. Any vital information missed out by the client could be passed onto us by adults working with our service so we are always kept in the loop.
of C
re Qual
ltiy Comm
The Care Quality Commision are responsible for inspecting the quality of standards provided in different fields of care. They regulary visit homes, and work places to ensure staff are doing their job correctly and clients are being treated correctly. At Elite Care, we have a good relationship with the Care Quality Commision. We had recieved 5 star rating for our hygiene, food and overall personal care. We tend to be inspected once to twice a year, and our report shows we have only grown as an organisation. The Care Quality Commision would be responsible to report of any damage of harm done within the organisation, and we would be held under inspection for providing inappropriate care. Of course, at Elite Care we don't worry about not reaching the standards of the Care Quality Commision because we are contiounsly working as a team to be the best, and no less!
gency Work
Multi-Agency working means to work with different services to ensure the best possible care is being provided to our clients. It is a range of different services to communitcate well with each other to raise awareness of any issues which may need to be looked into, or bring forward any ideas to improve our services
sion M
king Proc
sses & Forums.
At Elite Care we like to meet up with the services we're in partnership with each month to discuss any changes of improvements that need to be made. Our most recent meeting involved a change in the system which meant we could fund three days out a month instead of one, for a number of our clients, meaning they're able to meet others of their own age, interact and have fun. This is important to give our clients independance and freedom. I am confident at future meetings we will continue to share idea's and thoughts, and actions will be taken to give our clients increasingly better care.
ff Tra
ning & Induct
At Elite Care, it is vital that each staff member is to undergo two weeks worth of training and a day's induction. This gives trainee's an insight into how Elite Care work with our clients, and gives them the oppurtunity to quit before being fully employed. We demonstrate the responsibilites our clients expect of us, and train in all angles of care from washing, dressing, feeding, record keeping and manual handling. The rest is extra which comes with being a compassionate carer and building a relationship with the client/ clients.
At Elite Care we speciliase in working with the elderly within their homes. Our Domciliary care provides the best trained staff who share a passion in helping the elderly and giving them a reason to smile and love our work we do with them.

We work to meet the needs of :
- Patnership Working
- Multi-Agency Working
- Working in Partnership with families, adults usign the services, and informal carers
- Decision Making processes Forums
- Staff Training & Induction
- Role of Quality Care Commission

x CEA (Carers Equpitment Advanced is another service we're in partneship with, it is whom we get our supplies and equpitment from. This provides us with the best supply of essentials such as; food and medicinal storage, smart uniforms, crutches, wheelchairs, ramps for homes, and much more. This gives the client and family members a chance to explore the different range of equiptment we have in order to provide a bette standard to care, and that little bit extra.
Multi Agency working is beneficial for our clients as they have a varitey of proffesionals with different experiences and ideas working to improve their quality of care. Instead of one organisation working alone, we was as a team forever building the clients dreams of being cared for in a proffesional, passionate way.
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