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Hong Kong Ecotourism

No description

Evan Wan

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Hong Kong Ecotourism

Hong Kong Ecotourism Evan
Lucia Swot Analysis

1. Introduction
- Tourism in Hong Kong
- What is ecotourism?
- Why ecotourism in Hong Kong?

2. Destination Description
- Historic Development of Eco Tourism
- Market condition in Hong Kong
- SWOT analysis of Hong Kong ecotourism
- Theoretical Background

3. Recommendation and Conclusion Ecotourism is defined as 'responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people' (TIES, 1990) Strengths



Threats Source: http://www.brandhk.gov.hk Tourism Products Country Parks
Hiking Trails
Watching White Dolphins
Marine Parks
Nature reserve parks Tourism Impacts Strong seasonal factors : not suitable for outdoor activities

Limited markets

Insufficient knowledge on Eco tourism; thus lack of community participation

Small carrying capacity of ecologically sensitive areas
(e.g. at Mai Po is only 50,000/ year)

Lack of: proactive conservation policy
promotion for sustainable uses and development
economical and cultural benefit for local population Direct Expenditure
2008, Tourism contributes 28.2% the Hong Kong GDP, which is the largest part
Indirect Expenditure
2009, passenger transportation has the largest proportion of direct tourism contribution (37.2%)

Sales Multiplier
Income Multiplier
Employment Multiplier Visitor overcapacity

Inadequate enforcement of
protected park areas

Exploitation of the local work force

Competitors: mainland China Remarkable array of landforms

Richness of biodiversity

Over 40% of the territory is protected as country parks

Development of service industry and infrastructures
1. Conduct social and economical assessment

2. Implement rewarding system for Eco- practices

3. Enhance the understanding of eco tourism

4. Encourage people to know the importance of sustainable activities

5. Implement eco tourism policy Since 2009, Russians can travel to Hong Kong with direct flights and without a visa In 2003, the Hong Kong Government has launched the Individual Visit Scheme
In 2009, the Mainland Government introduced a one-year multiple- entry Individual Visit Scheme to the Shenzhen residents Example 1
HK Farm is located on a 4,000sqft rooftop
neighbourhood of Ngau Tau Kok. Source : http://www.bbc.com Example 2
EPD - Food Waste Recycling source: http://www.epd.gov.hk/ Carbon reduction activities

Involved number of local and foreign participants to plant over 500 plants in Butterfly reserved area
Conducted environmental seminars
Install water throttle to reduce water use for cleaning
-Minimize the impact on the environment.
-Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect.
-Provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts.
-Provide direct financial benefits for conservation.
-Provide financial benefits and empowerment for locals.
-Raise sensitivity to host countries' political, environmental, and social climates. Sustainable Tourism as a part of Sustainable Development Source: Lecturer notes, 2012 Examples of participants

- Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants
- Hong Kong Hotels Association
- Hong Kong Food Council Potential sites for future development (only 17% of land area urbanized)

UNESCO requirements are guiding the development of Geopark towards Ecotourism

Growth of intra-regional travel and enhanced transportation to Hong Kong

Favorable currency exchange rates

Recent development of Marine Ecotourism in Hong Kong Key Principles Definition Recommendation Existing Policies Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong A charitable institution
Monitors the development and construction projects which may destroy the valuable landforms
Promoting and popularizing geoconservation The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
- Create smart phone applications and websites
- Conduct survey and analysis
- how many people are participating?
- how much money are they willing to spend?
- Analyze eco tourism activities
- recommend Visitor Bureau and destination marketing organization to promote new activities related to visitors' demand

Expected outcome - Strengthen local community and tourists' activities and participation on the ecotourism Recommendation 1
Conduct assessment on the eco tourists' activities Government department
Designate and manage country parks, special areas, marine parks and marine reserves
Provides nature conservation advice on development proposals, planning studies and environmental impact assessments Recommendation 2
Implement rewarding system Recommendation 3
Enhance understanding of the concept
of ecotourism among all the stake holder groups 1. Green hotel certificate
2. Recycle to re- treat rewards
3. Various certification and awards for hotels and hospitality industries :
ISO14001: Environmental Management System OHSAS18000: Occupational Health and Safety Management System
Asean Green Hotel Award

Expected outcome - Tourism infrastructure development within environmental concerning products/practices 1. Carry on audience - specific awareness raising activities for tourists/visitors
- Smart campaign
- International travel exposition

Expected outcome - Increased understanding of the concept of eco tourism and increased visibility of developments to visitors Recommendation 5
Implement eco tourism policy Recommendation 4
Encourage people to know the importance
of sustainable activities The Country Parks Ordinance
Land use Zoning system (Town Planning Ordinance)
The Wild Animals Protection Ordinance

1. Eco tourism seminar for public
2. The 3Rs -educate the community about waste management

Expected outcome - Increased understanding of the concept of eco tourism and increased visibility of developments to visitors
1. land protection
2. Provide Community ownership
3. Monitor carrying capacity
4. Provide host communities with an incentive e.g. Product Eco-responsibility Ordinance

Expected outcome - Sustainability principles are incorporated in all nature based tourism activities References http://www.ifpra2010.lcsd.gov.hk/download/paper/josiah.pdf (last accessed 13 Dec, 2012)

http://kiskeya-alternative.org/publica/diversos/hong-kong.htm (last accessed 12 Dec, 2012)

(last accessed 13 Dec, 2012)

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http://www.legco.gov.hk/yr11-12/english/panels/edev/papers/edev0117cb1-808-3-e.pdf (last accessed 10 Dec, 2012) Example 3 Source: Prospects of Ecotourism in Hong Kong: A Case Study on Tung Ping Chau (https://www.wpi.edu/) Source: Prospects of Ecotourism in Hong Kong: A Case Study on Tung Ping Chau (https://www.wpi.edu/) Source: Edible arrangements HK (http://soutvvideo.wordpress.com/) Thank you for your attention! Conclusion Source:http://www.legco.gov.hk Source: http://www.statistics.gov.hk Table of Contents
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