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How to make your writing more colorful

Kayla and Stephen Briseño

on 27 October 2011

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Transcript of Colorize!

Color it up! Good writing is colorful writing! In order to become better writers, we are going to look at some GOOD writing by a REAL student. We're going to use highlighters to see what makes this writing so good! Use the pink highlighter for dialogue (speaking--direct or indirect).

"Shut the door!" my mom screamed. Use the yellow highlighter to show the thoughts and feelings of the writer.

I was scared when I saw you there. Use a green highlighter to show action--where the feet went, what the body did.

We ran as fast as we could because the bully was chasing us. Use a blue highlighter for images (things the writer saw).

I looked at you screaming and gulping water. Yellow for a lightbulb! pink for lips! Green for a green light--go!! blue for eyes! Get out your highlighters and "The Bunny Escape" story (it's in your folder) and let's color it up! IMAGES DIALOGUE THOUGHTS ACTIONS Turn to your writing notes and add "Colorizing" to your table of contents.
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