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WW1 Great War Letter

No description

emma cole

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of WW1 Great War Letter

Great War Letter The Letter My dear brother,
I am starting a letter tonight. I don't know whether i have the address or not but i thought i would make a try as it as a letter must be nice when you are in bed sick. We received a letter to day from a nurse saying you were ill with influenza and pneumonia so i am taking an address from her letter What is significant about the date of this primary source? Is the writer aware of that significance? Explain. November 14, 1918 Harold Philips survived the war but fell victim to the influenza epidemic and died on November 14, 1918 while still overseas. This letter was sent to Harold Philips by his sister. She included a red maple leaf in attempt to lift his spirits while he was in hospital; He died before he received it. The significance of the date of this primary source
is that it's the end of the war. The writer is not aware of the significance because there is no telling in Harold's mind when the war would be over. How specific can you identify the place from which the letter was written? You can tell very specifically because it says right on the letter where it was written, and from which year it was written. To whom is the letter being written and where does that person live? The letter is being written to a man named Harold Philips by his sister. There is no information as to where Harold Philip lives. It does include information about where his sister lives, which is New Liskeard , Ontario. Features of this letter that make it authentic - This letter is written by free hand
-Not False or Copied What worldwide global pandemic that would kill between 20 and 40 million people does the writter of the letter briefly foreshadow. The world wide global pandemic that would kill between 20 and 40 million people that the writter foreshadows is influenza and pneumonia. what do you think his purpose in writting the letter was? The purpose of writing the letter was to inform Harold that his family knows that he is ill with influenza and pneumonia. In the realm of speculation, describe the conditions - place, position, weather, etc. - under which Philips wrote the letter. (Depending on the age and grade, students might draw Philips actually writing the letter. To our speculaton the conditions that Phillips wrote the letter in was; He was hiding in a trench and with the last bit of paper he had he began to write to his sister. With machine gun fire going off around him and shells blasting in every direction, Phillips thoughts are racing. All he knows is that he needs to write this letter and send it to his sister before something bad happens. After he is done writing the letter he uses all of his energy to get him out of the mud in one piece to a nurse. He makes his way back with no wounds, only the dreadful memories of the war. Wjat makes this letter a particularly valuable primary source? Can you think of any limitations and/or waknesses of the letter as a primary source? This letter is a particular valuable primary source because it was the last bit of contact Harold's sister has had with him. Some weaknesses of this letter as a primary source is that the letter did not reach Harold because he had passed away before he could recieve it. The pieces of information given are not in the right form of a sentence, but you can manage to understand what the letter means. If you had have been an army censor, is there anything in the letter that you would have blacked out? If so, what would that have been? Why? What is the significance of the red maple leaf in the bottom right-hand cornerÉ The significance of the red maple leaf in the bottom right-hand corner is that the sister included the red maple leaf in the letter in an attempt to lift Harolds spirits while he was in the hospital. There is nothing that we would have blacked out in this letter. It is a sincere letter from Harolds sister. There is no evidence in the letter that an army censor would need to worry about, there is nothing about an enemy, etc. Look carefully at what is written in red on the envelope on the right-hand side. What does it say? How does that make this letter all the more poignant? Account for the seeming paradox in that the sister wrote this letter on November 11, 1918, which is the day the First World War officially ended, and yet he is noted as having died three days later. The seeming paradox is that the sister received a letter on November 14th saying her bother was sick, it was odd that he survived the war and all of sudden fell victim of influenza and a letter as wrote and received all in three days time. This may have been possible, but highly unlikely. I'm not sure what is written in red on the envelope on the right-hand side. I went on the website and still didn't find it much better to see. I managed to pick out a year of 1996. This could be a birthday or a significant year that symbolizes something important.
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