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30/60/90 Day Sales Plan

No description

Alan Neyburger

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of 30/60/90 Day Sales Plan

Sales Strategy Guide

30 Day Plan
Stimulate interest in Buzzmath by connecting with Math Department Supervisors and Technology Coordinators.
Generate immediate ROI by closing existing Buzzmath users and open quotes.
Establish relationships by scheduling compelling product demos and addressing needs of teachers and students.
Plan business development activities with educational Math organizations to expand brand outreach.
Learning and Development Activities
Become a member of online communities such as Selling to Schools and appropriate LinkedIn Groups to keep up with important industry trends and developments. Learn from educators by asking key questions that pertain to vital decision making factors. Grow personal toolkit by attending sales conferences and reading important game changing literature.
Keys to Success
Continuously prospect and search for new opportunities.
Meet and exceed planned activity levels.
Obtain commitments from decision makers.
Personal Goals
Make an impact each and every day by attaining outbound call goals and finding new opportunities through exploration. Reach a level of mastery in selling to the US education market by finding ways to optimize the sales cycle and build relationships with department supervisors and technology coordinators. Provide exceptional customer service by being proficient in educational requirements and product knowledge. Commit to achieve a goal of 725 sales within the shortest time frame to reach the 100k income milestone. (100k - 40k)/(.12 x 690)
Business Development Activities

Network within the space by attending organizational conferences, e.g. Association of Mathematics Teachers of NJ and National Council of Teachers for Mathematics. Build an education focused social media presence utilizing popular conventions such as Twitter and LinkedIn.
Lead Development Activities

Research school district web sites to find department supervisors.
Access school performance reports to find where improvement needs exist.
Use brute force outbound call volume to improve lead generation.
Penetrate sales targets with LinkedIn.
Follow up on quotes to learn and confirm pipeline status.
Maintain an outbound call goal of at least 50 calls per day or 4 hours total talk time.
Generate at least 15-25 proposals per week.
Focus attention on accounts and regions with the highest growth potential.
Develop effective strategies to obtain meetings and demos with hard to reach contacts.
Grow product and industry knowledge through important engagements and in-depth research.
60 Day Plan
Analyze sales numbers on an ongoing basis to determine 80/20 geographic areas and accounts that can be pushed along the pipeline.
Have efficient processes in place to move prospects in and out of the pipeline.
Close business, expand the client database, and nurture the prospect pool.
90 Day Plan
Account Management Activities and Outbound Sales Goals
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