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Patriot vs Loyalist Debate

No description

Luke Bailey

on 29 September 2017

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Transcript of Patriot vs Loyalist Debate

Patriot vs Loyalist Debate
Debate Format
Four people will be chosen for each team

-Opening Arguments-
-Person A, B, C and D from loyalists will take turns making one argument each.
-The same thing for Patriot Team
-2 Minutes for Group Discussion
People from each team will take turns refuting arguments from the other side
-One Person from each team will summarize in 2 minutes why their point is stronger

Loyalist Opening Arguments
Loyalist A will give one argument in favor of his/her position. They will not read directly from their sheet but can refer to it.

Then it will go B, C, and D.

These are directed to the AUDIENCE, not your opponents.
Patriot Opening Arguments
Same thing. Take turns making opening arguments.
Person A from the Loyalists may now respond and refute a patriot argument. These will be delivered facing your opponents. Then,

Patriot A
Loyalist B
Patriot B
Loyalist C
Patriot C
Loyalist D
Patriot D
Closing Arguments
One Person from each group will make a closing argument to the audience summarizing their key points and why the audience should change their mind.
Debate Sheets
Those who did not debate will have to turn in the response sheets as well with the project.

- Loyalist A
-Patriot A
-Loyalist B
-Patriot B
-Loyalist C
-Patriot C
-Loyalist D
-Patriot D
2 Minute Break
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