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gas laws project

nicholas jacob

napric price

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of gas laws project

Web Gas Laws Project Blimps, ballons, and zeppelins all fly because are lighter than air; they float in the atmoshere rather than sinking in it. Airships are made of lightweight material and historically, they have been filled with either one of two least dense elements: hydrogen or helium. There are three kinds of airshipsthat have been manufactured; bilimps, dirigibles, and hot air balloons. The blimp uses helium like a balloon so it can be neutrally boyant.The hot air balloon uses hot air because hot air rises and a dirigible is any powered, steerable, lighter-than-air vehicle.
They all are lighter than air. The hot air balloon is unsteerable.The blimp is steerable and is not rigid.The dirigible can be rigid or not but has to be steerable and powered.
The hot air balloon is cheaper to run and buy. The blimp and dirigible have more control over where u are going.
Hot air balloons are not steerable. The other two are big and expensive to run.
Hot air balloon Smokey the Bear balloon
Blimp Good year bilimp
Dirigible hindenburg The German zeppelin HINDENBURG was filled with hydrogen gas. Not suprisingly, the airship was distroyed in a violent fire near Lakehurst, New Jersey on May 6, 1937. 2H +O ->2H O 2 2 2 Endo and Exothermic reactions are the types of reactions that a chemical reaction can be.
Endothermic absorbs heat
Exothermic gives off heat or light 2 1 3 Modern airships are filled with helium. Modern airships are filled with helium because helium is safer and not flamable.
The hindenburg wasnt filled with helium because hydrogen was more boyant.


-> Helium
It is safer because it is more stable with two orbitals Hydrogen
Its not near as stable because it only has one orbital 4 Through more potentially dangerous, a given volume of hydrogen gas will lift more weight than an equal volume of helium because hydrogen is less dense than helium. The hindenburg was filled with flammable hydrogen but recent research suggestd that hydrogen was not the primarary material involved in its tragic demise. 5 6 Hot air ballons are filled with air instead of helium. He pilots it by relying on the winds and heating the air up with a burner to rise, to decend he stops the burner and the air cools makeing the balloon decend.
Because hot air is less dense when heated up and cold air is more dense so hot air rises.
7 French chemist, Joseph Gay-Lussac is most famous for his desription of the gas law, Gay Lussac's Law. 8 It makes sense that a balloon filled with a lightweight gas such as helium would float when surrounded by heavier air. But why does filling a huge balloon with hot air also make it float? 9 An airplane typically cruises at an altitude of 30,000-40,000 Well not too much the people on the inside wont be to happy but sinse the airplane does not use the air on the inside to fly.
Altitude sickness.
Decompression sickness.
Sinse the plane is pressurized if it did the air pressure will try to equal out so near the hole it will try to suck u out and then u also have to worry about how fast you are going that might make it even harder to hold on. The paint was highly flamable
It is the propellant used for the solid rocket boosters for the space shuttle.
6Al+3O ->6AlO Its exothermic
Aluminum will react the same as powderd aluminum because it is the same element.
The powdered aluminum acted the way it did because it does not have a full octet.
Bain thought that the hydrogen in The Hindenburg was not the mqin cause of the fire. he noticed that parts of skin were still burning even after they where away from the hydrogen. 2 If hydrgen is less dense then it has less per mole so if u have the same amount of moles of each hydrogen has to be less dense. P V P V


The pressure of a fixed amount of gas at fixed volume is directly proportional to its temperature in kelvins.
He increased kenetic energy makeing the pressure higher.
When u make the energy higher pressure goes up. 1 1 2 2

1 1 |

| Equal volumes of materials can have different masses. Density is the relationship between material's mass and its volume. Helium has less density than air. When heated, hot air balloon's total mass of air will decrease yet, it's volume will stay constant.
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