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Food and Cooking

No description

Jessie Huth

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Food and Cooking

Cooking in the U.S.A. By: Jessie Huth A little about me My name is Jessica, I go by Jessie. I am 12 years old. I am in 7th grade. I speak Spanish I love to cook and bake! I live in Colorado. The history of US cooking The USA used to be part of Great Britain, or England. Many traditions came from Northern European countries. Those traditions included how they cooked, and what they ate. Now, there are many other countries that we have
gotten traditions from. With those traditions combined with the ones before, there is a VERY wide variety of what people eat, and
how they prepare the food. Different cultures the US
gets food from We eat food from all around the world Some major countries are, Mexico, Italy, China, and England Other places are, Germany, Spain, Scotland, India,
Japan, and hundreds more! We also invented a lot of our own food USA Food Mexican Food Similarities The UsA got a huge part of their
traditions from Northern Europe The USA learned many ways of cooking,
and what to cook from Northern Europe Mexico got a huge part of their
traditions from Southern Europe,
especially Spain Mexico learned many different ways of cooking, and what to cook from Southern Europe, but mostly Spain They both have cooking skills that
they learned, and developed from
places other than Europe Some foods invented in the USA 1.) Cheeseburgers Invented in Pasadena, California
in the late 1920s A young chef accidentally burned a hamburger, and to cover it up, he
put some cheese over the burned part The invention was a mistake 4.) Hotdogs Great for summer days An immigrant from Poland created the hotdog, and sold it in a stand in Coney Island 3.) Chocolate Chip Cookies Not sure exactly how this happened Ruth Wakefield invented them in 1930s
in Whitman, Massachusetts She was making Butter Drop Do cookies,
when, because she didn't have any more
baker's chocolate, she replaced
them with chocolate chips 2.) Key Lime Pie Aunt Sally, a cook for a millionaire in Florida made the first Key Lime Pie in the late 1800s A Florida fisherman likely came up with the idea of putting key lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, and egg yolks, which could be cooked at sea 5.) S'mores Great for camping, people
love to cook it over a camp fire Girl Scouts were first to get
recipe down in 1927 No one knows who first came
up with the recipe National S'mores day; August 10th! True or False Cierto o Falso 1.) The USA used to be part of Italy 1.) False, the USA used to be part of England 2.) Many US traditions came from Northern Europeans countries 2.) That is true! 3.) People in the USA eat food from all over the world 3.) That is true! 4.) The USA never invented any of their own food 4.) False, the USA invented a lot of food 5.) Both the USA and Mexico didn't learn any cooking
skills from any other places other than Europe 5.) That's false, they learned skills from
many other places 6.) S'mores are great for camping 5.) 6.) That is true! 7.) Hotdogs are not good for summer days 7.) False, hotdogs are great for summer days! 8.) Chocolate chip cookies were invented in Arizona 8.) False, chocolate chip cookies were invented in Massachusetts 9.) Cheeseburgers were invented on purpose 9.) False, cheeseburgers were invented by mistake! 10.) Key Lime Pie was invented in Florida 10.) That is true!! 6.) That is true! Thanks for watching!
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