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Parent's Guide to FFA

No description

Jessica Rymel

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Parent's Guide to FFA

Why your child should take an AFNR Class?
FFA's Guide to Success
Your new freshman has gotten their schedule.... and they are enrolled in a Principles of AFNR class! What does this mean?
SAE should be documented in your students record book.
Supervised Agricultural Experiences
FFA is no longer just the "Future Farmers" of America.
Class Room Instruction
The Beginning
What is AFNR
Natural Resources
Types of SAE
Your student is improving something in your school or community
Your student already has a project, and wants to add to it!
Your student must take full ownership and responsibility for a business opportunity!
Your student could get a job or volunteer!
Your student could create and document a science experiment!
Leadership Development Events
Focus on Growing Leadership Skills through team and individual competions.
LDE Contest teach FFA members skills like Public Relations, scholarship, and proper use of equipment.
Career Development Events
CDE's focus on teaching FFA Members Career Skills through career based skill competitions.
CDE Contests consist of competitions such as Agricultural Communications, Dairy Foods Evaluation, and even Forestry.
In 2012, The National FFA Organization offered 2.1 million dollars to applicants. The Texas FFA also awarded about 2 millions dollars.
The SAE projects and the LDE and CDE Events documented in a record book are the first step to being awarded a great scholarship!
FFA Opportunities
FFA teaches kids how to be leaders of committee and officer teams on chapter, district, state, or even national levels!
Texas Schools can offer up to 50 different agricultural education classes! Many of these classes also count for core-class credit or could lead to career certification! Agricultural Edcuation can open students doors to TONS of high need jobs!
AFNR classes give endless opportunity! Through SAE's, FFA and Classroom Instruction!
All of the information and graphics used in this presentation were gained from the National FFA Organization or the Texas FFA Organization. Graphics were created by Weighat Graphics.
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