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No description

Ana Jiménez

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of PEARL HARBOR

December 7, 1941
06:10 Hours
Six japanese carries were at the north of Oahu.
06:45 Hours
The U.S. destroyer Ward attacked the Japanese Submarine
06:53 Hours
The ward radios reported what happened to the Navy headquarters situated on the fleet headquarter
07:02 Hours
The privates Joseph Lockhard and George Elliott saw something on the screen of the Opana Radar Station . There were planes flying toward Hawaii

03:42 Hours
The minesweeper of the U.S.S Condor saw a submarine periscope
So it advised to the destroyer Ward about it because there it shouldn't be any submarine
07:20 Hours
In the Fort Shafter the officer ignored the radar report of the unidentified aircraft
07:33 Hours
In Honolulu arrived a warming message from Washington about the japanese break off talks that means a war
07:40 Hours
The first wave of japanese planes reached Oahu with 183 planes
07:53 Hours
The japanese commander Fuchida ordered to start the surprise attack
08:54 Hours
A second wave of japanese planes reached Oahu that time with 167 planes
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