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North Carolina Tarheels Basketball

No description

Isaac Benfield

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of North Carolina Tarheels Basketball

North Carolina Tarheels Basketball by Isaac Benfield 2010-2011 starting lineup H Kendall Marshall PG#5 E Dexter Strickland SG #1 E Harrison Barnes SF #40 L Tyler Zeller
C#44 John Henson
PF#31 S N U C 5 NCAA Championships 6 Total national Championships One of the all-time North Carolina greats and probably the best player the game of basketball has ever seen, Michael Jordan hits this shot that won the 1982 NCAA championship game for UNC. The "North Carolina basketball is a dynasty.When you walk into Carmichael or the Smith center you feel an unexplainable feeling.Carolina basketball has been around over 100 years,and it has always been about dedication and hardwork.It is not just about basketball at Carolina it is more imoortantly about education,people may not realize it but under Dean Smith as head coach North Carolina had one of the highest if not the highest graduation rate in the nation.Carolina has been home to basketball legends and just some regular old ball players who still mean alot.North Carolina basketball is not just baketball its more than that.Its familys bonding while watching the big game,its the way true fans feel,its the rivalrys, and its the people who have came through the basketball progam and made it what it is today.I am and will always be a Tarheel,even if I dont play UNC basketball or attend the University I am still a Tarheel."

Quote by,

Isaac Benfield North Carolina Basketball
by Isaac Benfield Carmichael Dean E. Smith Center Go Heels! ! ! ! ! ! Head Coach
Roy Williams
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