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Forms of Government

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aaron guest

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Forms of Government

Forms of Government SSCG19 The student will compare and contrast governments that are unitary, confederal, and federal; autocratic, oligarchic and democratic; and presidential and parliamentary. Governments Distribute Power 3 ways that governments distribute power
Federal Local Governments have some power, but are under control of a central Government Unitary Government Central Government has power Examples: Afghanistan, Israel, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia Confederation Central Governments that rely on the local governments for its existence Local Governments have power over Central Examples: The United Nations is similar to a confederation.
Our original government (Articles of Confederation) Federal Government Power is shared by local and central Governments The United States of America is an example of a federal Government Compare and contrast the 3 forms of Government Unitary Government Confederation Federal Central Government Power is shared Central Government has all the power Local Government has all the power Citizen Participation
Democratic Autocratic System where 1 ruler has absolute power Ruler can do whatever they want Oligarchic A few people have power Small group or political party controls Government Democratic "Rule by the people" People have more control in a democratic government. Theocracy A government where a God or deity is the supreme ruler.

Examples: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel Does a theocracy sound more like an authoritative or democratic government??? 2 main forms of democratic governments
Parliamentary Presidential Democracy

Also called Congressional Democracy

A president is chosen to lead as the chief executive

The U.S.A. is a presidential/congressional democracy Parliamentary Government

People vote for the political party that best represents them

The political party chooses a leader to be the executive, called a prime minister The Confederate States of America A unitary system of government is characterized by;

a.a single center of power.
b.rulers who control every aspect of human affairs.
c.a division of power between a central government and local government.
d.one dominant branch of government. By definition, a state must have a body of people with a defined territory and

a. a sovereign government.
b. an oligarchy.
c. a democracy.
d. a constitution.
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