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Rock Climbing


Luisa Lpz

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Rock Climbing

Luisa, Rebeca, Brenda,
Katia and christian Rock climbing climbing? hat is rock Rock climbing is an activity in
which participants climb up, down or
across natural rock formations or
artificial rock walls.
The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a pre-defined route without falling. W The minimum climbing equipment to get started is a pair of climbing shoes, harness, chalk bag, carabiner, and a lowering device. There are a variety of climbing equipment. Many items of climbing gear look similar, but are used differently, and many of the equipment items look different but are used in the same way. Climbing is
dangerous That's why you need to:
1. Always Check Harnesses
2. Always Check Knots
3. Always Wear a Helmet
4. Always Check the Rope and Belay Device
5. Always Use a Long Rope
6. Always Pay Attention
7. Always Bring Enough Gear
8. Always Climb With the Rope Over Your Leg
9. Always Properly Clip the Rope
10. Always Use Safe Anchors Rock
Equipment Some areas that are popular for climbing, for example the US and Australia
Climbing activities can sometimes encroach on rock art sites created .The potential threat to these resources has led to climbing restrictions and closures in places like Hueco Tanks, Texas, and portions of City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho. How to climb? END :D Places for climbing You need to do everything you
can to mitigate the effects of
gravity and falling.
Redundancy is key.
Always back-up every important
piece of gear with another piece
of gear and use more than one
anchor at a belay and rappel station.
Your life depends on it.
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