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API and Branding - Lessons from the Chick campaign in France

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Sarah Durieux

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of API and Branding - Lessons from the Chick campaign in France

Les Poussins
API and Branding
Lessons from the Chick campaign

Options de partage
Adrien Sergent, 19
Game designer

Les Poussins
Let the chicks become
strong rosters and develop
french economy
Tactics for more branding
Key contact for media
"Change.org organizer"
Media training with petition starter
"My Change.org story"
Profile of petition starter in top tier
"Change.org model"
First contact
Change.org presentation
Setting up ITW
Change.org mention
Media training to PS around his “Change.org story”
"First i had the idea of the Chick as a symbol of young entrepreneurs. Then i decided to launch a petition on Change.org, the biggest petition platform. I created a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account to promote the petition and get in touch with other entrepreneurs."
Media work for petition starter profile "Change.org model"
Creation of the movement by “a not connected young guy”
Canal + La Nouvelle Edition - June 6th 2013
594 000 viewers
4.5% of public

3 mentions of Change.org
“We delivered 90 000 signatures of the petition launched on Change.org, a mobilization platform”
“ I started alone : i launched a petition on Change.org and then we created a Facebook page with another entrepreneur, independantly, with less then 100 euros”

“We launched the movement on April 13th on Change.org and on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter”

Le Figaro - June 5th 2013
1 233 000 readers
1st conservative paper in France
“Adrien Sergent never attended the Palace of the Republic. No politician or experts of reforms has never asked for his opinion on the employment, training, school, business. He has not organized demonstration in the streets. He does not belong to any professional organization that spends his time knocking ministry departments doors. The young men from Marseille is yet received tomorrow morning at the Ministry of Economy by Sylvia Pinel, the Minister of Crafts. He will give her the petition he launched on the Internet signed by over 77,000 people protesting against a proposed reform of government. (...)
He launched a protest petition on
Internet platform, invent a logo rallying "Piou Piou" on the Twitter network and creates a Facebook page.”

Answer : More branding
1) Be the first contact
2) Media training for "Change.org story"
3) Media profile about "Change.org Model"
Challenge :
How to get branding with a campaign run with an API and a strong brand itself
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