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Buckingham Palace

Science research report on famous structures.

Catie Whalls

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Buckingham Palace

by: Catie Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is located 51.5010 degrees North, and 0.1425
degrees West which is in Westminster
England. Year Construction Materials Constructors of
Buckingham House Not only did William Talman and
Captain William Winde design Buckingham House, they also built it with the help of John Fitch. Construction Buckingham House started out as a large
farm house for the Duke of Buckingham.
When Nash was constructing Buckingham Palace,
he kept the main part of Buckingham House of
but added a whole wing of new rooms on the
west side nearly doubling the structure's size! The
North and South wings were destroyed but
re-built much bigger, and the Marble Arch was
made in honour to the victories of Trafalgar and
Waterloo. In 1840, the Marble Arch was moved
to Hyde Park to add a 4th wing to the palace
and an attic floor was added aswell. In 1913 they
refaced it with Portland Stone. The latest
development of Buckingham Palace was in
1911 when the front court yard was
formed. Buckingham House construction started in 1705 and then it was The Queen's House in 1761 as a gift from George III to Queen Charlotte. It didn't technically become Buckingham Palace til 1826 when George IV decided to enlarge it to a palace. It first became the London Royal Residence in 1837 by Queen
Victoria Designers The designers of Buckingham
House were William Talman & William Winde. George III bought it for his wife and had it altered by William Chambers. George IV hired John Nash to enlarge it but after George died Nash was fired by the Duke of Wellington/Prime Minister for going WAAAYY over budget. The Duke then hired Edward Blore to finish the job
and Aston Webb and even
Prince Albert did some
designing. Purpose Of Buckingham First it was Buckingham House to house the Duke of Buckingham. But in 1761 George III bought it as a family home for his wife Queen Charlotte and it became Queen's House. Buckingham Palace construction started in 1826. When the parliament building was almost completely exterminated by a fire in 1834, King William IV offered it as the new residence but was declined as it was not yet finished. But as of 1837 it is now used as the London Royal Residence for the royal family. The original design of Buckingham House
had a red brick construction but in 1820 it
was made with a honey coloured
Bath Stone. Around 1913 though it had
turned into a gross grey
colour so it was re-faced with
white Portland stone. Constructors of
Buckingham Palace William Chambers, John
Nash and Edward Blore all
helped in construction of
the palace as well as
designing it with the
help of Thomas Cubitt Issues During
Construction One issue during construction was when John Nash over spent and got fired, so the Prime Minister had to hire a new architect. Also, before the Marble Arch was removed from the palace, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert found the palace too small which is why they added the a fourth wing. Then when Queen Victoria moved into the palace, the new gas lighting made the palace a huge fire hazard. Along with that, the ventilation was terrible and they couldn't use any of the fireplaces or else it would suffocate everyone. Prince Albert himself actually saw to these problems and re-constructed all of these. Stability and Strength Buckingham Palace has
always been made from a strong and sturdy material (bricks & stone) and is not that tall so it has a lower center of gravity. It is also built as a quadrangle which I think makes it stronger because it's not as thick and heavy as it would be if it were solid in the middle. John Fitch apparently Thomas Cubitt William Chambers William Talman John Nash Edward Blore Aston Webb Prince Albert Cool Facts -The Portland Stone used to make the current Buckingham Palace took 12 months to prepare! That's like, a whole year!
-14 of 15 George III's children were born in the Queen's House.
-The area of Buckingham Palace, basement to roof is over 77,000 square meters
-Lots of the furniture in 1826 was from George IV's house when he was Prince of Wales.
-The Palace got it's name because it was first owned by the Duke of Buckingham. (You probably figured that out though) -Some of the rooms in Buckingham Palace are Chinese themed
-In the London 2012 Olympics, they played beach volleyball in Buckingham Palace's courtyard
-Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms (19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms!
_The garden has a helicopter landing pad, a lake, and a tennis court
-There are 350 different species of wild flowers in Buckingham Palace
- There are 1,514 doors and 760 windows that are cleaned every 6 weeks THE
END Location of B. P.
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