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Our ideal school

No description

Berta cardoner

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Our ideal school

Mar i Muntanya Primary School
Avinguda del Mar s/n
08850, Gavà Barcelona
93 635 37 39

State school

Secular school


Adapted for disabled children

Based on “Comunitats d’Aprenentatge”
School ethos
Our ideal school
Our classroom
Our evaluations are continuous
-we value the effort-

We discuss marks with all the students and then individually.

School gives some opportunities to students who are struggling to pass their subjects
Extra-curricular activities

Reinforcement for the children
that needs extra-help

· Sports training
Parent's role
· Extra-curricular activities

· Trips out of class

· Training courses
- language, technology and more -

· Curriculum's creation

· Classroom's activities
See you there soon!!!
Jone Landeta, Ferran Oliver, Daniel Cascos
Berta Cardoner
How to arrive...
· By train -Gavà station-
· By public bus
· By school bus
· By private car
Berta Cardoner
Daniel Cascos
(Language teacher)
Jone Landeta
(Music teacher)
Ferran Oliver
(Maths teacher)
The course starts the
September and finishes the
of June
We offer a
during July
During the weekend (Saturday)
Our school offers during the week
(Monday - Friday)
Football · Swimming

Basketball · Volleyball
1. Location
2. School ethos
3. Timetable
4. School's map
5. Our classroom
6. Evaluation
7. Extra-curricular activities
8. Parent's role
Parents can be involved in:
School's map
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