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tobacco tribe

No description

nick perry

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of tobacco tribe

By Nick And Shawn
Tobacco tribe
The Tobacco tribe's villages were very cool !! There villages were also called Palisades.

The Petun is another name for tobacco.The Petun lived in the yellow area as shown
on the map above in the high lands. It was south of Nottawasaga Bay extending west to the south eastern shores of lake Huron.
A palisade is a wall made logs surrounding a village and protecting it. Inside a palisade there are long houses, tipis,
A few examples of poles were carved before the 1900's.18th-century account of European explorers along the coast indicate that poles existed prior to 1800, they were smaller and few in number.
Totem polls
where the Petun lived
weapons and tools
They had lots of types of food like tobacco,
bunnies,fish,corn,buffalo,deer,squash and
maple syrup and more.
They had to make all of there food
including the skinning plucking and
hunting it too.
They had Spears, Axes, Tomahawks,
Bows and arrows, Hoes, stone hammers,
wood grinder, fire and more.
They had to make all of there weapons by finding the right ingredients for them.
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