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2014 Sochi Olympics

Ahaash Sureshkumar

on 22 December 2014

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Transcript of Italy



2.013 trillion

Italian is the most spoken language in Italy.
How to say hello
Buon giorno is how you say hello in Italian.
How many athletes are participating from Italy?
114 athletes are participating from Italy.71 are males and 43 are females.
How many medals did Italy win in the last winter Olympics?
Italy won one gold,one silver and three bronze medals.
Who are some athletes expected to do well?
Does Italy tend to do better in the winter or summer olympics?
When is Italy's first event and what sport is it in?
How many medals is Italy projected to win?
Italy is projected to win seven medals.One gold,two silver and four bronze medals.
Italy's first event was on February 6th and the sport was figure skating
Italy tends to do better in the summer olympics due to the fact that Italy does better in summer sports. Also the sport that Italy does best in is fencing.In the London summer olympics Italy was eight place and won twenty eight medals and in the Vancouver winter olympics Italy was sixteenth place and won five medals.
Who carried the flag for Italy?
The major cities in Italy are:Milan,Turin, Naples, Palermo, Florence and Venice.
The capital of Italy is Rome.
Italy's olympic debut was in 1896.
How many medals has Italy won in total?
Two-time Olympic champion Luger Armin Zoeggeler carried the flag for Italy.He was asked to be the flag bearer for Italy at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, but turned the honor down because he was due to compete the following evening.
By:Ahaash Sureshkumar
Italian athletes have won 549 medals (198 gold,166 silver and 185 bronze medals) at the Summer Olympic Games and another 106 medals (37 gold,32 silver and 37 bronze medals) at the Winter Olympic Games.
Italy has won a total of 235 gold medals which makes them the 5th most successful country in Olympic history and Italy has a total of 655 medals which makes them the 6th country with the most medals.
Armin Zoeggeler was expected to win a gold medal in luge ,however,he won a bronze medal.
Christof Innerhofer was also expected to win a gold medal in alpine skiing (men's downhill),however,he won a silver medal .
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