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Spotify Analysis and Strategy

MKT202 - Marketing Strategy

Hilary Bryce

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Spotify Analysis and Strategy

Spotify Analysis & Strategy By: Hilary Bryce, Hanna Ekvall,
Matt McGinley & Patrizia Wennerholm Introduction Target Consumer Brand Diagnosis Market Share Competition Positioning &
Consistency SWOT Strengths/Weaknesses SWOT Opportunities/Threats Strengths:
Free Music and completely legal
No Storage Issues
Compile playlists
Facebook Integrated - social aspect of Spotify has caused huge success
Short Video Weaknesses:
Limited offline use for non-premium users
Payed services can cause a negative perception
This can cause these users to turn too illegal means of downloading music
Advertising can also be deterrent Marketing Strategy Attracting a
Different Target Opportunities:
Potential Partnerships
Increasing credibility amongst music industry
Music industry shares same values against piracy No need for repositioning
Capitalizing on new target and take advantage of this niche within their current target
Achieving objectives to move from these new student accounts to premium Threats:
Myspace relaunching a music streaming service
Competitors such as Pirate Bay and Grooveshack present a threat
Shawn Parker (creator of "Napster") being on board of directors, tarnished brand image Future Planning:
Short Term Introducing new accounts aimed at students
Bring in more premium account subscribers
Staff training
Gain trust from the music and share values
Increase brand awareness Future Planning:
Long Term Lock in 5 contracts with lasting sponsorship partners
Persuade artists to join music streaming services and to sign up to Spotify
Partnerships with ARIA Resources Required:
Time and money
Teams to monitor future and current partnerships
Employees and staff training for future events Promotion Product/Service
Features Pricing Distribution Physical Evidence Current positioning strategy:
Obtaining a credible stand point
Forming partnerships with Coke Cola Amatil, Triple J and Facebook
Portable music service
Aiming to increase paid service accounts
Pricing schemes
Service features to entice Marketing Plan People Processes Marketing Metrics Market Share Sales & Profitability Brand Awareness Introduce an application
Share music with other students at their university
Build up student network
More potential premium account purchases Swedish music streaming service
Released 2008
20 million users
Free trial
3 different accounts- free, unlimited, premium
Available in: Launch student account
Unlimited amount of music
$6 per month
Not able to generate collaborative playlists or access to radio stations
Pamphlets and water bottles
Staff will have specific uniforms 15-25 years old Students/Full or Part Time Work Australian Values that match the brand
Musical knowledge, technological skills
Specific training
Customer service are carefully selected Outgoing, Adventurous, Tech-savvy, Personable, Young Looking to be at the forefront of technology music and social media Sponsoring music festivals
Spotify logo
Tent- free vouchers
Free water bottles, key rings Currently market leader in Australia 2012 BPI figures show music-streaming was worth 13.7m User friendly
Offering tutorial
Integrated with Facebook
Higher usage with free, first time users Expand sales channels
Shopping malls, electronic stores
Promotion staff
Global Market Share 18,7%
Spotify growth 100%
Objective- Gain 75% market share Objective- increase sales by 30%
Free trials, bundle packages
Aim-500,000 new Premium account holders
One million new Student account holders.

Objective- Increase brand awareness by 50%
Sponsoring music festivals
Handing out the free accessories

Feedback and surveys
Compare customers expectations
Recommendation of our service
Aim to increase customer satisfaction by 50% Conclusion Customer Satisfaction
Market leader in music-streaming
No signs of downturn
Safe investment Questions?
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