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Perler beads

No description

Nigarish Ahmad

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Perler beads


The Name!
It turns out that Perler is just a brand and that these beads are also called: Melty beads, Fun Fusion, Hama beads and Nobi beads.
How They Work.
Who invented them.
When you iron the perler beads, the heat melts the beads and they stick together forming the shape.
1) Put beads on a pegboard.
2)Iron Beads (use ironing paper )
3) Wait for it to cool
down, then iron other side

to make it flatter.
3D Perler Bead Pirate Ship!
There made by slicing little plastic tubes into tiny
bead like pieces.
Early History:
They were first introduced in Sweden in 1958.
Then, the pegboards were invented in the late 1960's by Gunner Knuttson in Vallingby, Stockholm, Sweden.
Before The Pegboard
Perler beads were glued to cardboard or strung to sting to make Bracelets!
Can you melt or fuse perler beads using something other than an iron?
The answer: Yes you can but I recommend using an iron because
A) Using a microwave will be very messy and B) Very time consuming!
Did You Know:
Perler beads were once used as therapy in retirement homes.
But, you can use an oven to make

Cool Perler Bead Creations
Mario wall


When we were brainstorming, I knew that I wanted to do something that involved my hands and crafty stuff. At first, I chose stitching, since i was really good at and thought I could make something. But then I thought of how a few days earlier, I was making perler beads and how much fun I had. Then it hit me! I could do perler beads since I had so many and it was fun/crafty!
It has been over 55 years since perler beads were invented!
Where can you get perler beads?
You can buy these beads at any craft store in little tubs!
What happens?
If you don't iron properly your creation will snap, in to tiny little pieces!
Some beads just don't iron properly in general.
Here are some of my creations:
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These are a few that I did!
Thank you an I hope you enjoyed my presentation
The bowl I made!
In the beginning...
Only 8 out of 25 ( not including me ) students in our class knew what perler beads were! That means that
basically, 3 quarters of our class had no idea what the heck perler beads were. But now, it should be 25/25.
Now I am finished!
d no
I also chose this because of all the things you can make out of them: Mario, Mincraft, pokemon, Minions,
Disney and many more! If I kept going, it would take like 1 hour just for this.
Perler beads
Cooking spray
Oven safe bowl
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