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Iron Man Vs Batman: Who Would Win?

No description

Carlo Hinojosa

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Iron Man Vs Batman: Who Would Win?

Battle of the Superheros:
Batman Vs. Iron Man Presented By
Carlo Hinojosa The Cape Crusader and The Golden Avenger Both inherited their father's company after being orphaned.
Incredibly smart individuals, amazing brilliance
Notorious womanizers, playboys Fame and Fortune Tony Stark Built the Better Suit Stark's suit is armed machine strengthened with metal alloys and magnetic fields
Can create energy projections and fly
Equipped with high weapons
Can withstand intense explosions and attacks Iron Man Has Greater Combat Tactics Able to successfully breakout of imprisonment
Has fought larger scaled enemies including Skrull Invaders, Thanos, and other superheros in the Superhero Civil War
Was able to take Thanos's infinite gauntlet Iron Man has never actually died! Unlike Batman, Iron Man has never been officially written off dead.
Was incapacitated during the Dark Avengers Arc but not deceased
Survived the battle with Captian America himself Iron Man Developed a Greater Moral Stance Developed heroic ideals as oppose to Batman's vengeance
Sought to become a public servant
Became secretary of defense and head of S.H.E.I.L.D.
Stood for government ideals in Civil War Overview Stronger Suit
Greater Combat Tactics
Never Died
Stronger Moral Stance Thank You and Stay Tuned!
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