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Christchurch Earthquake

Christchurch Earthquake Prezi.

Oliver Reid

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Christchurch Earthquake

Christchurch Earthquake 22 February 2011 Facts 182 deaths
100,000 homes damaged Magnitude 6.3
Depth of 5 kms Located in Lyttelton 12:51pm 16 billion New Zealand Dollars! Christchurch Cathedral Before After Cantebury Television Building Before After 224 After Shocks PGG Building Before After 10,000 buildings condemned 60% of the buildings were damaged in Lyttelton. The Crusaders' first two home matches
of the season were moved to Trafalgar Park in Nelson. People caught pulling others out of the rubble were arrested. Quakes increase premature labour. Port Hill Fault caused earthquake. Repair cost of 16 billion
New Zealand Dollars Welfare Centres:
*Burnside High School
*Hagley Park
*Cowles Stadium
*Pioneer Stadium
*Rangiora Babtist Chruch On the day after the earthquake
5000 Christchurch Residents
moved to Timaru were a welfare
centre was setup. 180,000 tons
of silt was
collected around
the city. Earthquakes allow scientists
to discover many new fault lines. Cellphone providers advised people
to text rather than call post-quake because of overcrowding, also phone lines were down for a short period of time. Due to the earthquake the world cup stadiums have been rearranged. Due to this there have been these faults:
$4100000 turf damage
36,000 tickets already sold
35,000 tourists expected
$10000000 revenue cost The EQC has recieved 181,107 claims and has paid out 740 million from 4th September - 17th Febuary (2010 earthquake) Febuary Quake
had greater forces
of impact on shaking
ground then the
September 4th
Quake this is why more buildings fell down More than 400 international rescue workers from Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, the US and the UK are to search for survivors New Zealand Defence Force has 1118 personnel
working in Christchurch and Lyttelton; 738 Army,
200 Navy, and 150 air force 20 people went into intensive care
the night of the earthquake 164 people were hurried to Christchurch Hospital
in the first 24 hours after the quake, many with head
and neck, spinal and crushing injuries 1500-2000 people have been treated for minor injuries at medical centres around the city Red Cross had 130 staff working in Christchurch
Air New Zealand offered 1600 extra seats on flights in and out of Christchurch
220 people treated with major
trauma injuries at Christchurch Hospital By Oliver, Blake and Justin
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