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Safe Haven: Book Report

No description

Madison Batthauer

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Safe Haven: Book Report

By: Madison Batthauer Safe Haven In yet another inspiring book by Nicholas Sparks. Safe Haven is about a girl, Katie, who mysteriously appears in Safe Haven, a small town in NC. She has had a hard past, and falls in love with a store owner, Alex. Her hard past haunts her, and she must choose between a life of safety, or one of pain. Elements Of Plot The Setting of Safe Haven is in the town of Southport, NC. The book has flashbacks to Katie's home in the city. But mostly the setting is in the sights of Southport, (the beach, local restaraunts, and of course the town store that Alex owns, and Katie's home.) Katie: Katie, is basically the main character of Safe Haven. She is a beautiful woman with an awful past. She came from an abused home, by the one she thought loved her, her husband. Julianne Hough- Playing Katie in the movie Safe Haven. Alex: Alex is the other main character in Safe Haven. He owns a local market where Katie shops, and they fall for eachother. Alex has two kids, Josh and Kirsten. Josh Duhamel, plays Alex in Safe Haven. Setting Characterization Kevin: Kevin was the one who made Katie's old life miserable. Being the husband who medicates himself with alcohol, beated Katie. He eventually finds her, but doesnt succeed with taking her. David Lyons plays Kevin in Safe Haven. Jo: Jo is Katie 's mysterious, out spoken nieghbor who gives advice and just be's a friend to Katie. Cobie Smulders plays Jo in Safe Haven. Josh and Kristen: Josh and Kristen are Alex's kids. They play a big part in the book. In the end, its all about family. Mimi Kirkland Noah Lomax Elements of Plot Exposition: Katie hides her background, and she meets Alex. Love is in the air, and Katie agrees to go out with Alex. She starts to put her guard down. Rising Action: Alex and Katie are officially a couple. They are with eachother everyday and Katie feels safe. At this part, you know her secret and why shes afraid. Climax: This part is shocking. Kevin comes after Katie, and things end in a surprising twist. Falling Action: Alex is still in the hospital, while Katie finds out a confusing and shocking secret, Jo was never there. Resolution: Everyone turns out to be okay. Katie reunites with herself, and Alex is well. Everything is happy, and Katie learns that her love is in Safe Haven. Point Of View The point of view in Safe Haven is First Hand. It shows Katie's, Kevin's, and Alex's Point of View which makes the story interesting. Theme The theme of Safe Haven is to trust others. If yourself, you can do what you believe in and be happy. Safe Haven Literary Elements Allusion Almost half of the book is an allusion . Chapters 17- 21 is an a allusion. Metaphor Money was tight, (Sparks 139). I hope this presentation wants you to read Safe Haven. Thanks for watching! :)
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