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3D Sacred Geometry, 1st Day

No description

Daniel Kage

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of 3D Sacred Geometry, 1st Day

The Flower of Life
1) The Number Phi
2) The Golden Section, The Golden Rectangle &
The Golden Triangle
3) The Golden Rectangle & the 5 Platonic Solids

Sacred Geometry
The Golden Section
Stonehenge at Wiltshire, England. Year 3000 B.C.
Flower of Life structure
Amristar, India. Year 1500
Forbidden City, China.
Year 1400 B.C.
St. Magnus Cathedral, Scotland. Year 1137
The Osirion Temple, Abydos- Egypt. Year 3150 B.C.
Vesica Piscis
The Seed of Life
The Egg of Life
The Tree of Life
The Fruit of Life
The Cube of Metatron
1) The number Phi and the Fibonacci sequence
= 1,61803...
Golden Triangle
The Golden Section & The Golden Rectangle
The Golden Section, the triangle and the square
The Golden Section & The Pentagram
Golden Proportion in Nature, Architecture, Art & Music
Aldobrandini Madonna, Rafael.
Body parts
Art & Music
Weitra, Lower Austria. Year 1500
Golden Rectangle & Platonic Solids
Cymatics: The visible sound
Tripod of Life (Trinity)
Golden Proportions
3D Sacred Geometry
art by AlexGroseth
Exploring the Harmony of Inner Space
The Flower of Life
The Flower of Life
Victoria Hart, Spirals in Nature. Part 1
Victoria Hart, Spirals in Nature. Part 2
Victoria Hart, Spirals in Nature. Part 3
Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris.
Year 1160
Heart Electromagnetic Field
Parthenon, Athens
Great Pyramid, Giza- Egypt
- The Birth of Creation

- The womb of Universe and the Mother of all geometric Creations

- Divine Feminine representing the vulva (yoni) of the Goddess (and woman)

- Sacred symbol in pagan religions
(Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Norse, Roman, and other traditions))

- Triple Goddess of the Moon and Fate and her three realms of Earth, sky, and sea

- The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of the Christian Trinity.
- The basic component of the Flower of Life's design

- Depict the six days of creation in which the Judeo-Christian God created life;
- The electromagnetic field of all life forms, atoms, our heart, Earth, planets, stars and galaxy
The original eight cells of human embryogenesis
- In the Kaballah (School of thoughts), is the diagram of the map of creation.

- Understanding the human and the essence of man

- The spiritual path of ascent by man.

- Archangel Metatron
The most supreme of angelic beings (Judaism and Christian)

- The blueprint of the Universe

- Every shape that exists in the universe God has created
Intensive 3D Sacred Geometry


Monday (02/02/2015) - Introduction
• Opening Circle
• Introductory Visual Presentation:
• - Sacred Geometry in my art and as my vehicle to contemplate life.
• - Purpose of the Intensive: improving 3 Dimensional visualization, seeing and
understanding how geometric shapes interrelate, drawing and building 3D geometric
shapes to visualize their spatial harmonies, the spiritual meaning of the 3D Solids
(Polyhedra), and spreading the knowledge of the ancients

• Studio Time:
• Understanding how Nature is structured in 2D Sacred Geometry:
• a) Drawing the Flower of Life
• b) Drawing Metatron's Cube and Platonic Solids in the Flower of Life
c) Drawing the Golden Section and Golden Rectangle (1:1.6)

Tuesday (03/02/) - Platonic Solids and Isometric Perspective Drawing
• Visual Presentation: The Platonic Solids: Their history, spiritual meaning & symmetry

• Studio Time:
• Drawing the Platonic Solids in Perspective using Isometric Perspectival Construction
• Introducing the idea of the Collective 3D Mandala Project: Creating 60 Escher Figures to
interlock into a large 3D mandala

Wednesday (04/02) - Platonic Solids and Modular Kirigami
• Introducing the construction of the Collective 3D Mandala Project: Creating 60 Escher Figures to interlock into a large 3D mandala
- Shiva chantings with Vera Atlantia
• Introduction to origami (paper folding), modular origami (folding and connecting paper
pieces with or without glue), kirigami (cutting and folding paper), modular kirigami (cutting
and connecting shapes through interlocking or glue - but without folding).
• Introduction of George W. Hart’s Modular Kirigami technique (combining modular origami
and kirigami)

• Studio Time: Construction of the Five Platonic Solids and Star Tetrahedron (first through
cut and glue, then through Modular Kirigami, i.e. - cut and interlock, without glue)

Thursday (05/02) Archimedean Solids and the World of Polyhedra
• Visual Presentation: Polyhedra: Their History and Spiritual Meaning (convex, non-convex,
rhombic, truncated, Archimedean, Catalan, Kepler, Stellations and others) with examples
from the history of art; presentation of examples of Kirigami Polyhedra made by the
teacher; viewing 3D projection software to clearly visualize multi-sided shapes.
• Continue daily creation of Escher figures for the 3D Mandala

• Studio Time:
• Each student creates one of the thirteen Archimedean Solids through Modular Kirigami
(cut, fold and glue)
• Visual Presentation: Other important examples of Polyhedra in cristals, prisms, sculpture,
architecture etc.

Friday (06/02) Journeying with 3D Shapes as Vehicles for Meditation
• Presentation on the Spiritual Meaning of Polyhedra
• Each student creates another one of the thirteen Archimedean Solids through Modular
Kirigami (cut, fold and glue)
• Guided Meditation with Kevin Campeau on the 3D Platonic Solids constructed during the week, including interacting with their energetic fields, frequency and radiance.
• Continue daily creation of Escher figures for the 3D Mandala

Monday (09/02) - 3D Star Shapes: Stellated Polyhedra
• Visual Presentation: The Spiritual Meaning of Stellated Polyhedra (extending the edges of
polyhedra to create pointed star shapes) with Examples from Art History

• Studio Time:
• Construction of Stellated Polyhedra through Modular Kirigami (cut, fold and glue)
• Continue daily creation of Escher figures for the 3D Mandala

Tuesday (10/02) - Spirals and Spiralling Shapes
• Visual Presentation: Learning how to geometrically construct Spirals and Spidrons (3D
shapes with spiralling surfaces)

• Studio Time:
• Modular Origami construction of Spidrons
• If time allows: Origami construction of Spidron tesselation (folding paper to create repeating
patterns of spirals).
• Visual Presentation: 4D Polytopes - Visualizing 3D polyhedra expanded into the 4th
dimension (with projection software to visualize their shapes) and their spiritual meaning

Wednesday (11/02)
• Each student creates their own Merkaba Vehicle in the shape of 5 Interlocked Tetrahedra
through Modular Origami (cut and fold without glue)
• Continue daily creation of Escher figures for the 3D Mandala

Thursday (12/02)
• Collective Mandala Construction

Friday (13/02)
• Guided Meditation with Kevin Campeau on the Dodecahedron, including interacting with
their energetic fields, frequency and radiance
• Collective Mandala activation
• Closing Circle
The Tree of Life and the 10 Sephirots
head piece of ancient Egypt’s young pharoah Tutankhamun
(Year 1202)
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