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Recycling for Students

No description

Kristal Ibarra-Rodriguez

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Recycling for Students

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NYC Public Schools
Recycling Champions Program

Recycling = processing of used materials into new products .
So, What is Recycling?
What Can Be Made
From Recycled Materials?
What Can Be Made
From Recycled Materials?
What Can Be Made
From Recycled Materials?

“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
The BIG Picture
Recycling Is a Part of
Each person generates 4.4 lbs of waste each day
What can we do with our waste?
trash it
recycle it
Option 1: You could Litter
where does litter go?
There’s no such place as “away”
Option 2: Trash it
where does it go?
Option 3: Recycling
New Jersey & Brooklyn - Sims Metal Management
Recycles Metal, Glass, Plastic
Staten Island - Pratt Industries:
Recycles paper from Manhattan, Staten Island, and half of Brooklyn
Other paper recyclers in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx
What are the benefits?
Conserve natural resources
Preserve habitats

Reduce contributions to landfills

Less greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere

Use less energy, burn less fossil fuels = cleaner, air, water
Responsible Citizens
- Recycling is the law
- A cleaner NYC

Green Collar Jobs
- The future of jobs is all about sustainability and the environment

Support the local economy, jobs, and industry
Benefits: Green Jobs
What Can You Do?
Start by recycling in class and in the cafeteria
Every year, New Yorkers throw out over 400,000 tons of recyclable paper

That’s enough paper to fill the Empire State Building :/
There’s more paper to recycle!
Upcycling: A New Trend
Did you know...?
every year, New Yorkers throw out over 400,000 tons of paper
That's enough to fill the Empire State Building :/
The Big Lift
Take the Challenge!
ITAVA's waste generation
Metal, Glass, Plastics
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