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Mock Career Fair Toolkit

Students Rising Above

Alison Asher White

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Mock Career Fair Toolkit

What is a job fair?
why should i attend?
Increase your self-confidence and professional exposure
Gain information about the hiring process
Elevator Pitch
Prepare questions
Professional Attire
PREPARE: Research
A room with rows of company tables staffed with recruiters and company representatives
You will have to approach the employers and be prepared to speak with them for no more than 2-4 minutes
prepare: elevator pitch
30-60 seconds
Name, School, Major
i.e. Leadership, Team Player,
Get Results
Career Passion:
Passion for Technology and driving efficiency on major projects
prepare: questions
What do i do when i'm at the fair?
career fair follow-up
prepare: attire
A career fair is an event where a large number of recruiters and potential employers gather for the purpose of providing information about available positions and their companies in general

For employers, a career fair is a chance to meet large numbers of potential applicants and quickly weed through them to find suitable candidates. College campuses often sponsor these events, and they may also be held as community events.

41 percent of employers said that less than 25 percent of students are adequately prepared for career fairs

Career Overview pages - Research different industries and career paths relating to your major including occupational outlook, salary trends, and career demographics.

Get insider information on over 100,000 companies, including company salaries, reviews and interview questions
The world's largest professional networking site with 300 million users

Company Pages are a comprehensive guide to companies. Categories you will find in this area include: Overview, Careers (including job postings), Products/Services, Key Statistics, Company Description, Company Employees, New Hires, Recent Promotions/Changes, and Popular Profiles

YouTube is a website designed for sharing video.

Search for videos that will help you:
learn more about the company
learn more about the jobs available
learn more about the application process
The company website is the best place to look when research a company.

Focus your company research on the following areas: company background/history, products/services, size, location, and latest news/events

Know the industry or purpose of the organization.

Do they have a company blog? It’s a great way to learn about their culture or what’s important. Interviewers hear a lot about their interviewees so a great way to stand out is to talk about their company.

company website
It will be loud and you may have to wait in line in order to speak to a company representative
Obtain a map of the facility and determine where your target companies are located
Be assertive by approaching recruiters, extending your hand and introducing yourself
Provide employers with a copy of your resume and describe how you would be a good fit for the position and the organization
Write thank you notes to recruiters from companies that are of particular interest to you
Connect with contacts on Linkedin
Follow-up on leads by calling the recruiter if you haven't heard from them within two weeks
Are there some specific skills, work experience or educational background that can make me more competitive for a position with your company?

What characteristics does your organization look for when hiring potential employees? What types of people do well within your organization?

Can you please describe your hiring process?
Don't ask questions that you can find answers to online

Ask questions that will help you understand the culture of the organization, application requirements, and hiring process
Collect company information by asking 3 questions
Ask the recruiter for a business card or write down their name
Thank recruiters for their time
2-4 minutes
Networking opportunities
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