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Thesis presentation

Nueva Ecija Watersports Complex

John Evan Paolo Lagula

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Thesis presentation

Nueva Ecija Watersports Complex
Adoption of Bio-culture in an integrated water sports and hotel facilities unifying Vernacular architecture and Bio-climatic design. Wakeboarding
Mono Skiing
Double Skiing
Knee boarding
Disk boarding
Trick boarding Background of the proposed project The Proposal:

The Nueva Ecija Watersports Complex is a part development of Natures Ultra Eco Villlage Adventure (NUEVA) Tourism Zone or Nueva Green Tourism Zone that adopt the local culture offering a extreme watersports experience here in the country. The development aiming and look forward to become the number one and tourist top destination in the Philippines by means of watersports (Wake boarding and Skiing).

The proposed project “Nueva Ecija Watersports Complex” used an approach of unifying vernacular architecture and bio-climatic design concept apply on hotel and watersports facilities. The Watersports Complex will cater the local and foreign tourist’s admiring the wake boarding and vacation as well. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM:

Although Tourism related development provide wide range of opportunities in terms of financial and socio-cultural benefits, still concern is always left behind oftentimes set standards for promoting eco-tourism are not meet

Moreover it can threatened the old traditional ways of living with the new modern world ways it is the researcher aim to develop a water sports complex that posses the natural culture (vernacular architecture) and sensitive to the needs of its natural settings and to its target users. An equality of man and nature. Main problem
The need to create Water Sports with hotel facility in integrating of bio-culture conceptualization which may help the conservation and promotions of the province approach leading to the comfortness and energy sustainability.
Providing kind of leisure development facilities integration of bio climatic principle approach synchronized to the natural characteristics of the site and provides a development that is energy efficient.
Adaption of stages of adventure experiences for nurturing and reinforcing to the facility users.
To blend of bio-climatic design and vernacular architecture approach promotion of environmental awareness that may result to generate job opportunities through tourism. SIGNIFCANCE OF THE STUDY

The proposed water sports facility contributes as an existing knowledge in architecture by means of reference for study in the next generation related to this project. Tourism has the potential to increase public appreciation of the environment and respond awareness of environmental problems when it comes to uniting pole closer to nature and the environment.

To society aside from its known industry the water sports complex can provide and generate more job opportunities thus increasing economic status of the province and giving it more funds for its programs for the benefits on the residences, the province and to the country.
Tourist it can create variety of adventure thus broadening their visit experience in the province to take the country most tourist visit.
The researcher to gain more knowledge in the standard design and requirement of this facility regarding water sports complex and other facilities involve. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

The main aim of the study is to integrate a bio-culture concept for tourism based water sports and hotel facility which conserve and promoting province culture to the project applied with bio-climatic approach for comfort and energy efficiency.
A clustered development with strong spatial relationships but in harmony with the natural features and resources surrounding the site, taking full advantage of the alternative energy such as sunlight through passive solar and reducing energy demand for heating and cooking through proper orientation, layout and configuration of the structures.
To developed Water Sports Complex with giant man-made lake features an aqua obstacle for wake boarding skiing, mono ski, double ski, knee boarding, disk boarding, trick ski (different water skiing) and swimming facilities.
To use renewable based energy establish a facility that is self-sustained. SCOPE OF DELIMITATION OF THE STUDY
The proponent scope of study about the bio-culture and bio-climatic design harmonized the project setting inspiration to the natural environment. Deigning aesthetic façade/character integrated sustainable and green architecture with recycling strategies to provide the facility energy efficient. Gathering information and data about the environmental system in the project site would be studied.
Scopes of the innovative development are as follows:
Energy Efficiency Techniques
Natural light ventilation strategies
Passive Cooling strategies
Solar Panels Collective System
Wind Turbine System
Green techniques (Landscape)
Vernacular architecture

Proponent delimit of the study on detailed structural aspects in terms of the structural computation of loads, analysis of the project/construction and mechanical aspect in the terms of cable operation in the water sport course. The proponent also delimit the study in specific price amount of the panels installed in any facility and also the computation of energy gathered by the photo voltaic cells from the sun radiation and transferring of energy purposes. Statistics presented are valid only on the time of the study and availability of resources gathered.
Surface ground slope of the site is considered on selection of criteria based on the needs of the development of the proponent proposed project. Since the proposed target site where located in Palayan City with undulate terrain and partly mountainous topography of the land, site should be locate in gently slope or slightly undulate terrain.

2.Water source and drainage (spill ways)
Significance of water source and drainage system on selecting project site convenient for clearing and disposing of water used in easy and wise purpose. The proposed tourist venture target nearby the Aulo Dam to be provided main water source to water sports activity for the obstacle using operational cable ski.

3.Land use and zoning
Preferable site should be complies on the existing or proposal land use and zoning ordinance based on the Comprehensive land Use Plan of the City Development Planning Office of the province. Site land use and zoning must located on proposed tourism zone/special land use purposes from the province ordinance.

4.Shape and Size
Consider the project site size approximately not less than 6 hectares for wide development of water sports course and other facility. Shape should be taken for consideration on site selection, regularity form of the site needed for maximizing the site land area.

Development of this kind of water sports needed a good climate condition to enjoying adventurous sports. Site should have appropriate weather condition for wake boarding venture site for the convenience of the users. Likert Scale System MINOR CRITERIA:
1.Soil Condition and Environmental View
Soil condition should be preferable for the proposed development on the desired site. Surface/top soil should have indication of availability for landscaping and vegetation for design purposes. Panoramic/natural view of the site as considered in the purpose of attraction for the project users (tourist) suit for holiday vacation.

The location of the site should have an easy access for Provincial road and also accessible on the city proper.

3.Presence of (Power Source) utility
Availability of existing power supply on the project site basic necessity need of the proposed project especially support the operational cable ski for the water sports activities and supply for the other facilities and amenities.
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