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Advantages and Disadvantages of Sunlight.

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Marina Lorenzana

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Advantages and Disadvantages of Sunlight.

Allergic Reactions
Random Facts
Natural Source of Vitamin D helps absorb calcium strong bones & muscles.
Prevents a range of cancers
Strenghtens immune system
regulates sleep by releasing melatonin
naturally lightens hair
can fasten metabolism and increase fertility.
What is Sunlight?
sunlight is light from the sun. The sun is a star which the Earth Orbits. Without the Sun, human life on Earth would not exist because autotrophs would be unable to synthesize our food and heterotrophs wouldn't survive.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Sunlight.
Benefits for the Skin.
The Sun produces Vitamin D which is the key ingredient to beautiful looking skin. Our skin needs vital vitamins to function properly and vitamin D is one.
A recent study found that sunlight produces a compound called nitric oxide that helps lower blood pressure.
Enhances mood and energy through endorphins
regulates melatonin through body
Sun exposure is the major cause of skin damage
Afternoon sun can threaten the health of skin, it emits ultraviolet rays that can affect the color of skin
gain excessive wrinkles and discoloration marks
Skin cancer Maligmant Melanoma
Not all sunlight can be used as asource for vitamin D, Vitamin D is usually only available in the mornings between 6am and 8 am, after that UV rays come out and thats whenthe effect of darker skin tones comes to play
The suns gravity controls the planets rotation, revolution, and precession, and maintains climate order
increases insulin produced which turns glucose into energy.
Heterotrophs: organisms that depends for its nourishment on organic matter already produced by other organisms. (animals and fungi)
Autotrophs: organisms that needs only simple compounds to grow which is carbon dioxide.
itchiness or pain
small bumps leading to raised patches
scaling, crusting, bleeding
blisters or hives
these symptoms will start minutes to hours after sun
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