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Pollution In Lake Ontario

No description

Raymond Xu

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Pollution In Lake Ontario

Pollution by Industrial
Pollution In Lake Ontario
Pollution In
Lake Ontario
Lake Ontario
smallest of the great lakes
lowest in terms of elevation (74m), and therefore the last for water to flow into
244m deep at deepest point, or second deepest great lake
Britain, France and the U.S fought for control during the "60 Years War"
Supplies millions with power from hydroelectricity

Microplastics are small plastic particles in our environment which is currently a huge issue to the marine environment, including Lake Ontario.
Microplastics are bad because:
They can block animal's digestive tracks
Chemicals from microplastics can be absorbed into bodies of animals
Very difficult to clean up or get rid of, as they are too small to be cleaned out by water treatment plants
Both the Canadian and American side of the lake have been emitting pollutants into the lake, some of the chemicals found in the lake include:
DDT (used to make pesticides)
Carbon tetrachloride (Used to make fire extinguishers and pesticides)
Mirex (formerly used to make insecticides)
Sewage, and laundry detergent are among other waste that are being dumped into the lake
By: Noah,
This prezi has been penguin
Pumped out into rivers, lakes, creeks, ponds, etc.
Full of bathroom waste, items poured down storm drains,
Engine oil, gasoline, and gardening equipment accidentally knocked over and spilled into the sewer system
Pollution From Other Lakes
As mentioned before, Lake Ontario is the lowest lake in terms of elevation, meaning that all pollutants from other great lakes flow into the Lake.
Among the things that is flowing into the lake
High levels of E. Coli from Lake Erie
Possible invasive species
Most if not everything mentioned in the past slides
Yes, sewer water is being dumped into the lake. HOWEVER, the water in most cases is not raw sewage, and are somewhat being "treated" by water treatment plants first
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