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Joanne Slawosky

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of FASD

Not Always, Not Everyone What is FASD? FASD is an umbrella term that is used to describe the continuum of deficits and challenges that a person may experience when they are exposed to alcohol in utero. There are 4 diagnoses under the FASD umbrella. Primary Disabilities: Intelligence ( lower I.Q tests)
Learning-Cognition, executive function, academic achievment
Inability to use cause and effect -> Impulsive, memory, comprehension
Motor skills
Adaptive Behavior/Social Skills Secondary Characteristics Mental Health Probelms- Depression/Anxiety
Disrupted School Experience
Trouble with the law
Inappropriate sexual behavior
Alcohol/Drug problems FASD
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Joanne Slawosky FAS: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: pFAS:Partial Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: ARND: Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder ARBD: Alcohol Related Birth Defects FASD IS 100% PREVENTABLE FASD IS CAUSED FROM THE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL BY A PREGNANT WOMAN THERE IS NO SAFE AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL Includes 4 main features:

1.Mom drank during pregnancy
2.Growth deficiencies (Height/Weight)
3.Facial features
4.Brain damage Includes 2 main features

1. Mom drank during Pregnancy
2.CNS (Central Nervous System) Damage The Partial comes from
1.Facial features
2.Growth deficiencies Includes 2 main features:

1. Mom drank during pregnancy
2. CNS Damage Includes 2 main features:

1. Mom drank during pregnancy
2. Physical anomalies Physical Anomilies include:

Fine/gross motor problems This can be demonstrated as: Learning difficulties
Poor impulse control
Poor social skills
Problems with memory
Attention and Judgement ARND IS THE #1 DIAGNOSIS UNDER FASD The important points of the primary characteristics are: Memory can be spotty. Low attention span leads to ADHD diagnoses Most have excellent vocabulary, but do not actually understand what they are saying Hypo/Hyper- Sensitive: Do not feel or feel to much Fine motor skills lead to the desire to do something but not the ability, also can be clumsy and see the inside of the ER a lot Learning There are 4 ares of learning that FASD effects:
Cause and Effect- If I do this, this happens
Generalization-being able to apply information from situation to situation,
Sorting, Classifying,Inference and abstraction
Prioritization, Prediction, Production and Sequencing These characteristics are potentially preventable 21 and Older:
Dependent living is impaired
Problems with employment 100% Preventable Important Details FASD is caused by alcohol consumption and is 100% preventable

People with FASD benefit from a safe stable environment, and from routine

Step by step instructions can set the person up for success! Have you ever considered how many steps are in a simple task such as taking out the garbage? We may Think 5-6, but really...20-25 People diagnosed with FASD also have many strengths:
Strong visual memories
Good verbal fluency
Good at hands on learning
Creative visual arts and music skills, and also good skills in individual athletic
They can also possess positive personality traits such as commitment persistence loyalty humour strong belief system and fairness
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