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ground water

water beneath the surface

maggie vol

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of ground water

Foundation Drive Results Core What is Ground water? Where does groundwater come from? Groundwater accounts for 22 percent of the wold's fresh water. The water table may be very near the ground's surface or it may be hundreds of feet below. Groundwater ecosystem

Stygobionts are mostly invertebrates, colorless, eyeless creatures and have worm-shaped bodies for easier movements. They can be found in porous groundwater aquifers. Groundwater flow
The path of groundwater movement may be short and simple or incredibly complex , depending on the geology of the area through which water. Groundwater use
Groundwater removal can causes subsidence, or sinking of the land surface. subsidence is partially responsible for the tilt of the tower of Pisa. The resources I use are
Hydrosphere freshwater system and pollution by Dana Desonie
Water no longer taken for granted by Sandra Alters Groundwater is water that comes from the ground. Amazingly, many people use groundwater but don't even know it. Groundwater comes from rain, snow, sleet, and hail that soaks into the ground. The water moves down into the ground because of gravity, passing between particles of soil, sand and gravel. The area that is filled with water is called the saturated zone and the level below the ground is saturated with water is called the water table. the resources necessary for life is virtually absent in groundwater. There is water , but no lights , little oxygen and few nutrients . However life was recently discovered in some aquifers, inhabiting the dark spaces between sand grains are Stygobionts. Ground water is only usable if it's contain in an aquifer.An aquifer is a body of permeable rock that can contain groundwater. Water is always in motion. Groundwater moves from recharge areas,where the water is absorbed and it enters the ground to discharge areas where it exit from the ground to wetland, river, lake and ocean. The springs that come from groundwater aquifers have long provided water to animals and humans. All over the world , people drill wells directly into aquifers and pump water to cities , town and farms. Ground water by Magdaline Volcy
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