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Three Gorges Dam: Good or Bad?

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Jen Ellis

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Three Gorges Dam: Good or Bad?

Three Gorges Dam: Good or Bad? A Research Presentation By: Jennifer Ellis Con Con Con Pro Pro Pro Conclusion Bibliography What, When, Where, and Why The Three Gorges Dam was a project originally started way back in 1919 to build a dam on the Yangtze River, in China. The dam became fully operational in only 2012, and is a controversial topic among many groups of people all over the world because of all the pros and cons to this dam. Although the intentions were good in creating this dam, the consequences are very dangerous, perhaps even deadly. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Gorges_Dam Who and How? The dam may be able to stop flooding. The dam may cause more flooding if it fails. The dam would produce much needed
electricity. Electricity would provide the means for
modernization. The dam requires almost 2 million people to be uprooted and relocated. The dam's reservoir will submerge many priceless artifacts and natural treasures. Three Gorges Dam..Just How Big Was It? We can all assume that since the Three Gorges Dam
brought up this much controversy and public attention,
it is probably pretty huge. But exactly HOW big was it? The Issue The Details Science In Action Textbook p. 361 The very beginnings of the dam which became The Three Gorges was thought up by Sun Yat-sen in 1919, but it wasn't brought up again till 1932 when Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the Nationalist government began working on the plans for the dam. The United States Bureau of Reclamation chief design engineer, John L. Savage, first surveyed the area and drew up a plan which he called the, "Yangtze River Project". At this time the project was finally moving forward, exploration, survey, economic study, and design work was done. But in 1947 the work was put to a dead stop because of the Chinese Civil War. In 1949, Mao Zedong supported the project and in 1956 created a poem called "Swimming" which focused on his fascination with the dam. Finally the project began making progress again in the 1980s. The National People's Congress agreed to let the dam be built in 1992, although quite a few were against it and many forfeited and a few did not even vote. Construction began on December 14, 1994 and ended in May 2012 even though the project was set to be finished in 2009. The reason why it got delayed was because of other major projects being developed at the same time as The Three Gorges. http://www.internationalrivers.org/campaigns/three-gorges-dam So what is the issue with The Three Gorges Dam? Why there is an issue, or, more like, issues, with The Three Gorges Dam is mostly because of how big the dam is. Size-wise, energy consumption, everything. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons to this topic, shall we? PROS CONS My view on the Three Gorges Dam Controversy: Although I can see both sides of the argument and I believe that it is important to have electricity, the environmental factors and risks in this situation are far too great. I think that the Three Gorges Dam should not have been created because of all the energy, lives, land, and biological diversity lost. However, what has been done has been done and The Three Gorges Dam is here to stay. But there are many similar projects going on all over the world that will most likely have the same consequences. So as the next generation, what will we do? Keep building these harmful ways of producing energy? Find an alternative source? Or perhaps we will realize one day that we don't need all this excess energy and can cut down a little. It's all up to us. The dam is made up of about 27.2 million cubic metres of concrete and 463, 000 tonnes of steel. That much steel is enough to build 63 Eiffel Towers. That is A LOT. 102.6 million cubic metres of earth had to be moved to make room for the dam. The Three Gorges Dam is 181 metres high.
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