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Megan Butler

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Confucianism

Many television dramas in China take place in the dynasty era, and show the impact on Confucianism in culture
Liu Bang
-Tried to rule by example, and use all of Confucius' teachings
-Wanted to live up to Confucius' rules and try to rule by them
-Emperor of Han Dynasty and used his beliefs to keep order
-Major supporter of Confucianism.

The Philosophy of Confucianism
Confucianism is a philosophy based on the teachings and beliefs of Confucius, as recorded in a collection called The Analects.
Confucianism Spreads
Confucius recorded his teachings in "The Analects" and people started to recognize Confucianism
Confucianism Was Adopted
Confucianism was needed because it was a good idea to stop war and conflict
Beliefs/Practices of Supporters
Lived - 551 B.C. to 497 B.C.
Created Confucianism to end conflict in China
Lived in a time of warring and unrest
Taught people to show respect and kindness to one another
Had many roles in society including being a teacher and philosopher
He believed kindness and respect was necessary to live a happy life
After his death, the philosophy spread throughout China and Korea
Confucius's influential teachings were respected by soon many people who then started living by his ideas
Confucius was responsible for starting Confucianism and people were very influenced by him, so Confucianism started spreading.
In a time of warring and unrest it was needed to provide peace and harmony in people
Confucianism was developed and adopted to end conflict and create peace in all relationships
It would bring order to China, and people would get along much better
When people adopted the ideas of Confucianism, they tried to follow the five relationships to make peace in China
They also learned filial piety at first, because respect begins at home
Confucianists believed in and practiced the five relationships and filial piety
Believed that Confucius's code of proper conduct was the right way to live
Confucianism's affect on society
Many people believed that Confucius's family and social roles set a good and clear example for living
Rulers tried to live up to Confucius's model to set a good example
Confucius encouraged education and laid the groundwork for skilled and successful government officials
Confucius made sure everyone had their own social role in society and that the government stayed in order
Confucianism Today
Over millions of people practice Confucianism today
When things like crime, unemployment, or corruption happen people turn to Confucius's teachings
Confucius's cultural beliefs are still used to keep social order
Over the years people have simplified the small traditions of Confucianism but keep basic ideas
By: Emma and Megan
1. What did Confucius think was necessary for peace and harmony?
2. Where and how did Confucianism spread?
3. Why was Confucianism needed?
4. Who was a major supporter of Confucianism?
5. What are two examples of lasting affects from Confucianism?
1. Respect and proper conduct.
2. It spread all over China and into Korea, by "the Analects" and word of mouth.
3. For peace and harmony and to end conflict and war.
4. Liu Bang
5. The philosopy is used in Chinese TV dramas and it is still used as a source of helpfulness.
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