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The Black Panther Party

No description

Vanessa Sandoval

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of The Black Panther Party

The Black Panthers Beginning
The first BPP office was open at 5624 Grove Street, Oakland, CA in January
What is the Black Panther Party?
How did they fight police brutality?
The Black Panther Party
The Black Panther Party was an African American political party supporting self defense for African Americans.

They mainly protect against police brutality and more.
African American men were being drafted to fight in Vietnam when they didn't even have full rights in their own country.
The Black Panthers were said to be one of the greatest threats within the country.
What was the problem? How Did They React?
African American were being mistreated by Police official and were not receiving fair treatment.
Huey P Newton: Leader of the Black Panthers
Black Panther Cases
The Black Panther Party took angry people and let them join to become a more bigger and powerful organization
and his organized groups would follow cops with loaded guns to monitor cases of brutality
Huey Newton and Bobby Seale are the co-founders of the BBP
Newton Graduated High school in 1959, when he graduated he could barely read and later learned
He taught himself how to read.
In mid 1960's he attended Merritt College and met a man named Bobby Seale. At college they were both attending their own political groups and soon created their own which is BBP.
In 1966 they created a group called the Black Panther Party for self defense.
They took a militant stance and pursued African Americans to carry guns.
Denzil Dowell is shot and killed by sheriff's deputies on April 1. Black Panthers respond in protecting the Dowell family
The black panthers decided to protect the black community by following police around with guns. Huey Newton learned the gun laws in California better than most cops.
Ten Point Program:
First newspaper is published on April 25 with headlines "Why was Dennzil Dowell Killed?"
The Original Six Black Panthers
This program states what African americans were fighting for.
Elbert "Big Man " Howard
Huey P Newton
Bobby Seale
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Exit Ticket
Sherman Forte
Reggie Forte
Little Bobby Hutton
The Black Panther Party fought police in shootouts, police officers died in them
The Black Panther Party took angry people and let them join to become a more bigger and powerful organization
1969 FBI leader J. Edgar Hoover claims that the Black Panther Party was #1 threat to nation's internal security
Militant: Being aggressive or sometimes using force to fight for a cause.
SNCC: The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.
Exile: Being forced to live in another country.
Grassroots: To work at local level.
Ghetto: a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.
Adj: Something that is considered to be unrefined, low-class, cheap, or inferior.
Pig: nickname used towards cops
Key Terms
M.R &V.S
Go over warm up
Key Terms

Learn about the Black Panther Party
Learn about how they changed America and went on to change the world internationally
Learn about how the Black Party was destroyed and new party created
What is something interesting you found about the Black Panthers?
Warm Up
What do you think the Black Panthers are?
First Protest
30 armed Black Panther Activist go to California State Capitol, on May 2, 1967 to protest the Mulford Act which was a bill banning the display of loaded weapons.

The free breakfast for school children program was set up in Berkeley 1968 by Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton
Health related services included free clinics, sickle cell testing and free ambulance services.
Clothing and shoe programs
Women get more power
April 6, 1968 - shoot-out between BPP and Oakland Police kills Bobby Hutton
September 8, 1968 - Newton convicted of manslaughter of a cop, but the verdict is reversed in an appeal
September 4, 1969 - Chicago 8 Trial, Bobby Seale with 7 other BPP members are accused of invoking riots at the Democratic National Convention
August 22, 1989 - Newton is murdered in Oakland by the Black Family gang
Black is Beautiful FREE Huey

The New Black Panther Party
The new Black Panther Party was created in 1989
Hashim Nzinga was the new leader
It isn't a part of the actual Black Panther Party
Members of the original Black Panther Party said that it was fake and said "There is no new BPP"
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