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Sociology Concept Map

No description

Cynthia Fabrizio Pelak

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Sociology Concept Map

Input 2: CULTURE
The shared ways of life and shared understandings that people develop as they live together and interact socially, including:
Input 3:
Input 1: Social actors
SOCIAL Interactions
Sociology Concept Map
Created by Professor Pelak
Updated July 2014
networks of institutions and organizations that serve as the scaffolding of our societies. Includes:
Economic systems
Knowledge production entities
Political structures
Legal-Authority structures
Social Reproduction institutions

Social Interactions – the reciprocal actions between two or more individuals shaped by culture and structures in society.

Social Processes - the means by which culture and social structures change or are preserved or maintained.
Our goal is to understand and/or explain some
social world
- an identifiable sphere of everyday actions and relationships.
beliefs & ideology
symbolic communication
normative behavior
Theoretical Frameworks:
Structural (Conflict & Functionialism)
Cultural (Gender/Race/Class & Critical)
Interactional (micro-level interactions)
Methodological Approaches:
Content Analysis
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