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ethan vran

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of empathy

Empathy By: Izaak,Ethan
and Josh Empathy is... Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives. If that did not make sense to you, it
is when others feel another one's problem. Now here is
a video! Empathy In the last 2
videos... You learned... That animals have empathy as well. Also, that the same neurons goes on in your brain as person your looking at. Not just... H U M A N umans Have empathy! Remember the elephants? They all helped the baby elephant out because they had empathy for the Baby and the mother. Bibliography http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_wolves_die_a_year http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxCoIHbqZDY http://www.google.ca/imghp?hl=en&tab=ii Why are you crying I don't know Its a bird!!! http://www.pet-abuse.com/pages/prevent_abuse.php Why are we cruel to animals? Because they are: Not human, Easy to take anger on, Easy to not be needed. Why did we care? About the sled dogs
that were killed pain-
fully, after the Vancouver olympics. We cared because
we have empathy for the dogs that were killed and we know that dogs feel pain. Every single hour in BC,
an animal is violently abused Treat animals like they are human. Lots of humans do not have empathy, for animals. Animals have feelings like us. 3 ways we can help. 1) Avoid buying products that were tested
on animals.

2) Boycott activities that use animals as entertainment such as Zoos, swimming with dolphins, circuses and dog sledding.

3) Next time you receive cash as a gift, consider donating it to a cause that helps animals such as the BCSPCA.

Many products that you use on your body or in you home were tested on animals? Windex, Febreeze, Tide and many cosmetics including shampoos and hair colour are first tested on animals skin, in their eyes and through ingestion to make sure they are safe for humans.

Many dolphins are slaughtered to catch tuna.

A lady's long fur coat will require about 18 red foxes or 55 minks. Did you know?
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