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Retro Rotary

No description

Zineb Lebbar

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Retro Rotary

with retro-inspired styles and art deco themed construction. RR positions itself as an UPMARKET, NICHE rotary phone company which specialises in variations of the Rotary phone, and has a wide range of Quirky but Classic designs in a wide range of demure, modern, and unique colour combinations. RETRO RETURNS... MOOD BOARD: 1940's Inspiration PERSUASIVE APPEAL AND EXECUTION INSPIRATION... HISTORY TARGET AUDIENCE BUDGET ALLOCATION Where it all began... PRODUCT LINE TARGET AUDIENCE AND
PRODUCT/PROFILE MATCH: The Vintage Lover Elizabeth, 33, Store Manager The Trendy Professional Sarah, 28, Graphic Designer The Nostalgic Homeowner Nicholas, 51, Acclaimed Academic Advertising Strategy Wi-fi Technology Rotary calls ™ : conference calling. Rotary Bridge ™ make and receive calls from your retro rotary phone using you mobile number;Retro rotary app required iPhone and Android Bluetooth Longing for the past... 1940's
Art Deco
Glenn Miller and Spike Jones
Novelties Market
Black & White Movies Venue: Covent Garden Store
Vintage-themed dress code
VIP guestlist & Press invitations
Free refreshments and snacks
Bespoke cocktail bar with signature 1940's-inspired drinks
Goodie bags: RR brochure, RR key chain, publicity for collaborators
Photocall with A-list celebrities
Celebrity appearance: Dita Von Teese for surprise performance Website
Know customers preferences & deliver quality of service
Build strong Online Value Proposition
Personalization features
Link to blog, employ vintage enthusiast to blog updates
Search engine optimization (SEO) BROCHURES Contains full product line and description
Spread awareness
Email databases of potential elite clients
Utatilise Google and Facebook’s tracking system
Limited editions phone lines used to generate buzz & word-of-mouth ROTARY PHONE MARKET Credibility and attractiveness
are related

Celebrities, as aspirational images have potentially high credibility

People want to imitate the people they admire CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT ONLINE Receive conventional landline calls MARKET The first telephone exchange:
Required an operator to connect lines by using patch cables
User, picking up phone, would light a signal lamp on the operators panel
Operator would answer and "patch" the caller through to the other end
System was cumbersome

First commercialized telephone:
99 automated exchanges
No human telephone operators

During World War II
Military had priority use for phone systems
Slowed civilian traffic & cross-country call could take as long as 2 hours HISTORY CONTINUED... Middle Eastern Investors
Forecast based on thorough market research -O'Shaughnessy, 2004 1940's Glamour is a symbol for social status & power.

The product symbolizes Integration of modern features with a classic, art-deco inspired design.

The background colour contrast draws attention
to the product and logo.

The brand theme symbolizes Traditional and Conservative style with the black and white colours, as well as playfulness with a touch of pink. MYTH RHETORIC SYMBOLISM TIMELINE PSYCHOGRAPHIC:
Interest in vintage objects & retro interior design
Trend spotters and quirky fashionistas
Creatives/collectors with an eye for detail
Art deco enthusiasts DEMOGRAPHIC:
Primarily female, 25-65 years old, Socio-Economic Class grade: A & B, occasionally C1 seeking social approval. GEOGRAPHIC:
London - Covent Garden Flagship store.
Third party retailers; Selfridges in Oxford Street,
Harrods in Knightsbridge &Liberty in Grt.
Malborough st (Will stock 'Retro signature' lines only)
Shoreditch vintage store will stock our bespoke
'Retro Von Teese' design EXPANSION? Novelty, collectable

Fashionable- on trend for vintage lovers

Personalized service options

Old meets new product positioning

Extensive product line; first only stand alone store WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS THREAT Lacks 'cutting edge' technology

Low brand awareness upon

Skeptical consumers- long term durability? Multiple product extension lines e.g. 'collectible editions'

New innovation within design and materials

A need to differentiate from the mainstream stockists

Increasing popularity of movies and lifestyle
magazines such as 'The Great Gatsby' Economic depression- lack of disposable

Fierce competition from mobile and
cordless phone industry

Efficiency and quality of product design

Changing lifestyle choices PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY Emotional appeal of nostalgia

Oratory: formal speaking in print/written media

Allusion: familiar person - Dita Von Teese

Tripartite division: "rule of three" in all written, print material

Entice: Persuasion through pleasurable images - Dita Von Teese PRODUCT PLACEMENT LIMITED EDITION MODELS MAIN PRODUCT LI Retro Rotary will appear in a Hollywood re-make of an old classic movie. VALUE SEGMENTATION The Rotary Dial Phone "ROTARY SIGNATURE" PHASE 1: PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY PUBLIC RELATIONS & Communication Press Release to increase awareness
Invite journalists from targeted press:
Magazines- Elle
Consumer Review magazine- 'Which'
Invite key distributors & collaborators
3rd party distributors
Invitation to exclusive launch party.
Local A-listers and 'it girls' invited.
Attendance by invitation only PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY TRADITIONAL MARKETING THINK SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY Retro Rotary represents Prestige, Reliability, and Quality.

The rotary phone dates back to WWII, being associated with an upper social class.

The 1940s, our periodic inspiration, represent a time of Hollywood glamour, movie stars and romance.

The 1940s also led to the rise of big luxury brands such as Chanel and Hermès. PHASE ONE CONTINUED... RETAIL STRATEGY FLAGSHIP STORE: 3rd PARTY RETAILERS "Von Teese is known for her fascination with 1940's cinema and classic retro style." Combination of e-brochures, magazine advertising, catalogs, London cab advertising, and hotel display cabinets MAGAZINES FASHION INTERIOR DESIGN Homes & Gardens Britain’s longest-running decoration magazine
Reference for interior design trends
Also available on iPhone and iPad. (apps included.) The Plan:
Appearance on front-page each week
3-month period Elle Strong advertising platform
Source of trends and fashionable brand- associations
Also available on iPhone and iPad The Plan:
Advertising featuring Dita Von Teese every month
6-month period LONDON CABS CATALOGS Hotels Airlines Antique Shops Every catalog will contain:
Product description
Best selling product line
Colours, themes and personalization
Name and style of product Portobello Road Market
Church Street Market
Tottenham Court Road Exclusive partnership with the Dorchester Hotel in London Exclusivity to Emirates - the world's number 1 Airline The Plan:
Contact agency on :www.taxiadvertising.com
Previous clients: Vogue, Hilton Hotels, Samsung...
Obtained quote from agency
1 month period
Bespoke campaign featuring brand ambassador GLASS CABINET DISPLAY Collaboration with the Dorchester Hotel
Highly prestigious hotel in London
Draw attention to potential customers
Will feature RR phone in use at reception PRODUCT Movie name: Liz & Dick
Based on Elizabeth Taylor's life
Elizabeth Taylor = vintage glamour
Starring Lindsay Lohan Selfridges
Liberty Location: Covent Garden
London Address: 9-11, The Piazza, WC2E 8H 'Online Customisation Lounge' where
e- visitiors can customise their own designs for their rotary phones complete with online e-videos promotional material. PROPOSITION Retro Rotary’s (RR) vision is to bring back the Rotary phone with ALL the modern touches, including
a touch dial, digital display, virtual answer machine, 150-number phone book, built-in loudspeaker, and 10 ring-tones — including an exact reproduction of the original ring." DIFFERENT? ARE WE NOSTALGIC TIMELINE for Media Strategy BRAND *Times may vary (different periods depending on success of various phases) 1940's, sexy vintage vixen, fetish, desire
sultry, mysterious, vampy, and
glamorous.- meets modern, playful-

No brand awareness- CREATE BRAND AWARENESS
Retro phone considered dated- RE-DESIGN PRODUCT
Retro phone brand associations- RE-POSITION PRODUCT 1940's Hollywood- Betty Davis Vintage Pallet PRELIMINARY RESEARCH "Burlesque Superheroine" Lifestyle... BRANDING ROTARY Interior Decor: Vintage, glamour, art deco. Modern twist- flat screen TV's displaying current RR campaigns Exclusive, up-market retailers Vintage boutiques in Portobello Market & Church Street "To make the Rotary Phone MORE than just a phone, but a GLAMOROUS center piece for the home. An essential item for ALL new home owners, trendsetters, and antique or retro collectors.." THE GREAT GATSBY PRODUCT PLACEMENT
CONTINUED... Set to launch in 2013
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio & other A-list Hollywood celebrities
Associations with vintage and glamour, aligning with RR's brand's image SOCIAL Aims & Objectives:
Create word-of-mouth & buzz
Entertain followers & subscribers
Surveys & competitions The Ultimate Goal:
Brand & user-generated content, engagement & interaction PRINT ADVERTISING MEDIA PLATFORMS Rotary phone market, second after mobile phones
Necessity of Rotary phones to be innovative to compete with extended phone market COMPETITION YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO.. GOAL CAMPAIGN Brand Personality: PRODUCT LINE RR's product line will consist of three core brand colours.
Main line: 'Retro Von Teese'
Deco line: 'Retro Deco'
Signature line: 'Retro Signature' RR's main colour palette consists of
Black, White, and Playful Pink.
All RR promotional material must adhere to our strict branding guidelines. End of 4-year plan.. Draft... FLAGSHIP STORE "Made in Britain" "Distinctiveness is achieved through pictorial depiction of the brand name."
is Retro Rotary's brand symbol
placed on the bottom left of all product lines. CONCLUSION Exclusive, glamorous, vintage & customizable phones.

Emphasis on nostalgia & historic connotations of rotary dial phones.

Integration of media strategies (5 phases).

Use of traditional, Online marketing , and PR , as part of the integrated marketing mix.

Use of persuasion tactics & techniques (The Persuasion Trinity).

Focus on brand ambassador as focal point of marketing strategy. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY PHASE 4: THE PHASE 5: MODERN-DAY ROTARY? Scramble for patents to revolutionize telephone market. The first telephone exchange was installed in New Haven, Connecticut. The first patent for a rotary dial phone was filed for by Almon Brown,
the inventor of the rotary dial. Metal dials of rotary phones were replaced with plastic dials. Late 1800's 1891 1878 1904 1950's The modern rotary dial phone with push holes as we know it today was introduced. TIMELINE Official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages
Update existing & Potential customers
Keep track of current trends Designs exist from 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's
Available from various online stockists. (eBay, Amazon, online vintage collectable sites)
Average Price Point £30-£80.
Higher end @200 from antique stockists
Vintage bloggers- trendy, novelty items
Most modern, re-designed Rotary's have DECT cordless technology. Some with a touch dial. Customization Entertainment Word-Of-Mouth Trendiness "Seduce the consumer with a magical cocktail of nostalgia and modernity." Five Phases, over four years:
1) Celebrity Endorsement,
2) Traditional Marketing
3) Online Marketing
4) Public Relations,
5) Product Placement AIMS: PHASE 2: PHASE 3: Dita Von Teese, the perfect brand ambassador. GAP in the market? No upmarket, exclusive Rotary phone stockists with stand-alone-store prescence exist in the UK. FACEBOOK PAGE 'Retro Von Teese' 'Retro Signature' 'Retro Deco' FUTURE PROJECTS...? Leonardo DiCaprio - Male brand ambassador.

Child-friendly version of rotary dial phone with educative and interactive features.

Intelligent personal assistant and concierge, similar to 'Siri 'on iPhone. Diverse Product Range Retailers
Vintage stores, markets & online websites

Vintage Phone-Only Retails
Poor branding & Quality of website
Novelties market Potential Event Sponsors & Collaborators Magazines: Elle and Homes & Gardens
Champagne: Moet & Chandon
Jewelry: Asprey PRICE OPENING An integrated marketing strategy will help Retro Rotary create brand awareness and gain market share in the novelties & up-market interior-design industry. Built-in loudspeaker "ROTARY VON TEESE" "ROTARY DECO" OBJECTIVES Retro rotary handsets are hand crafted to precision from some of the finest materials known to man. From 24ct Gold on the Rotary Signature, Tiffany silver on the Rotary Deco and Swarovski Crystal rotary dialer on the Rotary Von Teese. All our handsets are composed from a patented, chemically enhanced composite softened marble POSITIONING MAP “I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute.” -Dita Von Teese Supports Skype technology (VOIP) 4-year Forecast of Expenses: ASSOCIATION
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