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Greek & Latin Roots/Affixes: Group 2

No description

Mary Martin

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Greek & Latin Roots/Affixes: Group 2

Greek and Latin
Roots and Affixes:
Group 2

for Power
Roots and Affixes
this by
1. On the handout, list as many words as you can think of that contain the root or affix for each number.
2. Count the number of words you knew alone and add that number to *1 at the bottom of the handout.
3. With your elbow partner, share the words you were able to generate for each root/affix. Make sure to add your partner's strong examples for each root/affix on your list.
4. Count the number of words you added with your partner's help and add that number to **2 at the bottom of the handout.
5. With your partner's help, go back and look at the list of example words you generated for each root/affix. Based on these example words, write a short definition for each root/affix in the margin beside the number.
6. The remainder of this prezi will help you check your work. As you go through the roots/affixes, add strong examples suggested by the prezi and adjust your root/affix definition if necessary.
need at least
5 examples for each root/affix.
17. rupt
erupt, disrupt, rupture,corrupt, abrupt, uncorruptible
When you
have completed
your Power handout, bring it to me.
Root Definition: break
18. voc
vocal, vocabulary, vocalize, invocation, vociferously
Root Definition: voice
19. Paleo
Paleolithic, paleontologist, Paleozoic, Paleontology,
Root Definition: old
20. flex/flect
flexible, flexor, reflect, reflection, inflection, genuflect
Root Definition: bend
21. tempo
temporary, tempo
Root Definition: time
22. hetero
heterogenous, heterodox,
Root Definition: different
23. homo
homogenous, homogenize, homonym, homophone,
Root Definition: same
24. chron
chronological, chronic, synchronize, anachronism, chronometer
Root Definition: time
25. helio
heliocentric, heliotropic, Helios, heliograph, perihelion
Root Definition: sun
26. al
optical, thermal, regional, habitual, physical, emotional
Suffix Role: makes a word an adjective
27. ism
capitalism, cannibalism, Cubism, optimism, trtibalism
Suffix Definition: doctrine
28. ize
criticize, recognize, memorize, terrorize, apologize, harmonize
Suffix Role: makes a word a verb
29. ive
creative, extensive, selective, native, radioactive, active, protective
Suffix Role: makes a word an adjective
Now, continue making your flashcards for all of the roots and affixes on the handout.
The End
Greek and Latin Roots/Affixes: Group 2
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