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Why Study Economics?

A presentation on the importance of studying economics in the world we live in today.

Marcy Dumitrescu

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Why Study Economics?

Why Study Economics
? What's Economics? In order to answer this we have to ask ourselves.... Economics is a science which
studies human behavior and how
the scarce resources of the world,
which have alternate uses, are
distributed in order to satisfy the
infinite needs of humankind. So how can we benefit from studying it? First, economics is essential to understanding the world in which you live and work What determines the prices of the goods and services on which you spend? Why do some people earn so much and others so little? Why do average standards of living vary so widely among and within countries? The study of economics answers ALL of these questions and many more! An Economics training is a good basis for many jobs The study pf economics requires many skills which open up diverse career opportunities Some jobs include.. A tutor in economics
in college Export Manager Financial Manager Economic Advisor Barrister, specialising
in fraud and crime And many more jobs! So it's up to YOU!
Choose Economics! In conclusion, I believe that the most important reason for studying economics is... The ability to help society understand what is going on financially and socially. If we understand the cycles and system in Economics, we can better understand how to manage our money and society!
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