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on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of DIVERGENT

By: Veronica Roth
But in this society being different makes you dangerous. So what if you don't belong in any faction? What if you were
Veronica Roth is a full time writer that now lives near Chicago. She was born in New York on August 19, 1988 and raised in Barrington, Illinois. She graduated from Northwestern University with a creative writing degree. The Divergent series were the only novels she has ever written.

Her inspiration to write Divergent started when she was studying exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is when people are shown their fears over and over again, through simulations, until they are no longer afraid of it. This is where one of the stages in the Dauntless initiation process comes from. She hadn't thought about writing anything down until one day she was listening to a song. She imagined a person jumping off a roof, not for self destructive reasons but to prove their bravery. She wondered why somehow would do something like that and exposure therapy was her answer. That's when Dauntless was born.
About the Author
Divergent is a very fast paced and well written. It makes you wonder what is going to happen next and there is never a boring chapter. This book is filled with electrifying decisions, heartbreaking betrayals, stunning consequences, and unexpected romance.

I would recommend this book to anyone that has read and liked the Hunger Games and the Maze Runner. This book is directed towards teens.

This book is written in the main character, Beatrice Prior, point of view. She is born into the Abnegation faction. When she reaches the age of 16, she takes the aptitude test and her results come out inconclusive, meaning she is divergent (when you fit in more than one faction). On the day of the choosing ceremony, she decides to join the Dauntless faction. There she changes her name to Tris hoping for a new start. In Dauntless each 16 year old initiate must train and compete to get into the faction. They must go through three different stages and those who rank in the top ten become true Dauntless members. Striving to pass, Beatrice experiences all sorts of things - jealousy, betrayal, violence, blood, friendship, and meets a whole range of different people.

The genre of this book is science fiction. There were many themes in this book. Some were choice, fear, secrets, power, values, and societal classes.
Character Analysis
The city is divided into 5 factions.
Beatrice "Tris" Prior
Beatrice is a strong willed 16 year old girl who hates showing weakness. She was born into the Abnegation faction before transferring to Dauntless, while knowing that she is divergent. Tris is extremely brave and courageous. During the first part of initiation, she was ranked last. After a whole lot of practice and a little help from her divergence, she was first at the end.

Tobias "Four" Eaton
Four is an initiation instructor for the Dauntless transfer initiates. He gives himself the nickname "Four" because they found through simulation that he only has four fears which is very very rare. At first he is mysterious and puzzling but after a while he starts opening up to Tris. Like Tris, he was raised in the Abnegation faction before joining Dauntless.
The climax of this book is when Tris finds out that Dauntless and Erudite are teaming up and planning to go in attack against the Abnegation. They want to kill every member of the faction so that they can take over the government. On the day before the planned attack, they inject a serum into every Dauntless member so that they are under their control during the invasion. Beatrice discovers that her divergence can help her save those she loves..... or destroy her.
in control of the government
in charge of producing food
research and educate
in charge of law and justice
keeps city safe and secure
This book takes place in the future version of Chicago. The whole city is divided into 5 factions based on human virtues.
Children are raised in their parent's fraction
At the age of 16, they take a test that determines which faction they fit is the best with. Then at the choosing ceremony they have to decide weather they would like to stay in their parent's faction or join a new one.
You must be loyal to your faction and always remember that faction is before blood.

Christina was born in the Erudite faction before joining Dauntless. She quickly made friends with Tris and is brave,bright and loyal.

Peter is the main protagonist in this book. He transferred from Candor to Dauntless. He likes to make fun of Tris with his sidekicks Molly and Drew. He is cruel, cold and tough. He does whatever it takes to make it to the top, even stabbing someone in the eye.

Eric transferred from Erudite and eventually became the Dauntless leader. He hates Four because he ranked second while Four was first. He is very cruel and harsh on the initiates. He teams up with the Erudite leader to go against the Abnegation.
Character Analysis
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