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Sunspots, solar prominences and solar flares RJEL and HJEM

No description

Green Class - RJH

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Sunspots, solar prominences and solar flares RJEL and HJEM

Sunspots, Solar Fares, and Solar Prominences

By RJEL & HJEM Solar Flares Solar Flares are sudden bursts of
magnetic energy that come from sunspots Since solar flares come from sunspots, they are unpredictable but we do know that there are more sunspots every 11 years so that causes more solar flares Solar Flare Activity Solar Flares Effect Earth There are three types of solar flares, The X, M, and C classes The X-class flares are big and can cause major radio blackouts. The M-Class flares are medium size and can cause minor radio blackouts. Solar flares disrupts radio signals as well as cause changes to Earths magnetic field. The C-class flares are small and we can barley notice them. Solar Prominences To help predict when the next solar flare will be they use NOAA satellites Solar prominences are explosions. They look like thick ribbons of gas and make large ark shapes. The largest one was 100,000 kilometers large and 6,000 degrees kelvin. Sunspots Sunspots are slightly cooler areas on the surface of the sun, which makes it look darker. They are caused by magnetic field lines in one spot, and the sunspots are not permanent. Every 11 years the number of sunspots increases for a while and then goes down a little until the next 11 years. Definitions Activity Each sunspot usually lasts about 2 weeks Sunspots come out to the suns surface because the equators rotation is faster than the poles which causes it to stretch and make holes Sunspots are caused by magnetic field lines concentrating on one spot on the surface Solar Prominences Solar prominences are eruptions caused by magnetic fields. The magnetic fields dictate the size because solar prominences follow the magnetic fields and go back to the sun. How they Effect Earth A solar prominence can interfere with Earths communications Activity Sunspots affect Earth In the northern hemisphere when there a lot of sunspots, there is more severe weather. Glossary The Frequency Citation 1. Daintith, John, and William Gould. "sunspots." Science Online. Facts On File, Inc. Web. 28 Nov. 2012. <http://www.fofweb.com/activelink2.asp?ItemID=WE40&SID=5&iPin=DAFE2344&SingleRecord=True>.

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