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Important Information

No description

Soph Bone

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Important Information


are on a journey through the Milky Way.
We have created a technology that allows us to do this. So hold on to your hats and buckle your seat belts and enjoy the view
(no flash photography or cellphones are allowed on this trip so put them away now!)
The North Star

This is Polaris or the north star.
We use to use this star when we are trying to navigate around. but it only works in the northern hemisphere because the people in the southern hemisphere cannot see it.
Solar System
Our solar system contains eight planets.
Four of them are mostly made of rock and
the last four are giant gas balls.
This is us!
Polaris, also known as the North Star!
The brightest star you see on the left is Polaris. Some scientists believe that it is 434 light years away.
If you live in the northern hemisphere you would be able to use this star to help you find your way. Polaris aligns with the North Pole.
Interesting Facts about the Milky Way
Barred Spiral Galaxy
Has between 100-300 billion stars
It's approximately 100,000 LY across
Center is a large black hole.
Alpha Centauri
This Star is the second closest star to Earth
The center of our galaxy is a black hole. The black hole is slowly sucking everything in
We have almost come to the end of the tour. Lets take a look at some nebula's.
Butterfly Nebula
Cat's Eye Nebula
Hourglass Nebula
That Brings Us to the end of the tour so lets go home
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