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awesome prezi


Mel-Kel-Emi Cho-Lee-Chan

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of awesome prezi

I, Juan de Pareja
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 12
Chapter 11
Speaking to:
Chapter 15
Emily Cho
Melody Lee
Kelly Chan

"God would not have tormented you with the pain and trouble if He were not planning your reward." pg. 126
Juan de Pareja
Master/ Don Diego
Master is worried that he may never be able to paint again and Juan is keeping his attitude positive.
What Juan is trying to say is that God is trying to give Master this opportunity to show how hard he will try to keep his hand, with that Master will have his reward, his hand kept healthy.
"He wanted", he said, "that look of dignity, with a hint of caution and reserve." pg. 131
Master/ Don Diego

Juan de Pareja
Master is doing a painting of Juan and Master wants Juan in a certain pose and facial expression
I believe that Master is trying to have Juan make a face that shows confidence and braveness, but at the same time, a look that understands that life has its ups and downs so it's okay to be scared.
"Now, do not call me Master any more, call me Diego." pg. 146
Master/ Don Diego
Juan de Pareja
The End
Don Diego wants Juan de Pareja to call him by his first name, but Juan is making it clear that he is not ashamed to call Don Diego, Master.
I believe that Juan's Master, Don Diego , wants Juan to call him by his name because he doesn't wish Juan to not realize that they have a wonderful friendship and it doesn't matter that he is a slave.

"Master did not shed one tear, but turned silent and cold." pg 153
Juan de Pareja
Juan de Pareja was married to Lolis and is freed so he will not be a slave to Don Diego anymore.
I believe that the emotions Master is feeling has to do with Juan and him having such a great friendship and now, everything will change because Juan is no longer a slave. Master doesn't want to show sadness but is having trouble hiding it.
" It is good to come full circle in one's life and, toward the end, turn back toward the beginnings." pg. 162
Juan de Pareja
Juan was at an inn with his wife and he knew that place by running errands for mistress Dona Emilia and when Don Basilio worked there in his warehouses.
Experiencing life all the way through is a way that might be good . This is something like reincarnating, but in a way with using your memory and brain. You should go all the way to the ending and turn back to where you started.
Thank you for watching this Prezi even though you kind of have to because you're in this class(:
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