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Internet Censoring

Censoring on the internet in specific countries.

Mauro Nannini

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Internet Censoring

Internet Censoring Imternet Censoring has been going on since the internet was first created. It can be very frustrating at times when people are not able to use the internet for work and for other activities. Perhaps someone is doing research. Sometimes the internet, depending where
they are, can be
censored, or
blocked, and
these people
cannot continue
their research. Here are some countries with internet censoring: There are many countries with heavy surveillance and internet censoring. Three of the most countries with internet censoring are Belarus, Burma, and China. Belarus Burma China There are different types of internet censoring. First, there is blocking certain websites. For example, a parent might want to block certain pages to their child. In addition, there is on a company level to keep workers more productive and to stay on task. Furthermore, the last and most intense version of internet censoring is on a national level. Countries block certain websites to make sure the public does not create any "unjust" websites on the internet.
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